Q&A: Kimi answers the fans

| Source: ts.fi | by Heikki Kulta |


Before the Spanish Grand Prix, Finnish journalist Heikki Kulta allowed readers to submits questions they wanted to ask Kimi Raikkonen. Well, here are those eagerly awaited answers for the fans. Thanks Heikki and Kimi!

Ye from China asked:
Do you see F1 more as  “work” or ’’enjoyment”?

KR: If I would not enjoy it, I would be somewhere else. But, obviously, there is pretty much of work, as well. Any way, it has always been like this. It’s fifty-fifty and as long as it feels fun, I like to do it.

Ingrid K asked:
Is it likely that you will be able to do fewer pitstops than Vettel/Alonso as season goes on?

KR: It depends on the race. Obviously, everybody learns more and more of the tyres. But if there is a race, while we have certain compounds in a certain track, we could do it. But beforehand it’s impossible to say.

Plsanswermyquestion asked:
It seems that the E21 is very sensitive to setup – especially in qualifying?

KR: I would say, that E21 does not differ from my previous cars. More or less they have all been like this. It’s not that different, you need a perfect balance to go fast. Some cars react to setup very precisly, but with some it’s tricky to get it right to go fast.

Sakae, a Sebastian Vettel -fan from Japan, asked:
Has contract with RBR been offered to you, and are you accepting it?

KR: No, I haven’t been offered a contract from Red Bull.

Tina asked:
When was the last time you felt being under pressure in the race?

KR: Of course, there is always some pressure. But it’s myself, who puts that pressure on me. That is not anything special. While there is a race, I know the tyres wear heavily and, the end of the stint, it will he rough, I feel a little bit distressed, but it’s not that hard pressure.

Daniel asked:
What do you think of James Allison’s departure from Lotus?

KR: For sure, I would rather keep all the people with us instead of letting them go, but this is F1. You never know, what happens tomorrow. They still have good people at Enstone. It’s impossible to say, if there will be any affect with his departure next week, next year or will there be any affect at all.

Bogi asked:
How about, are yo moving to Ferrari next year, to race next to Fernando?

KR: In theory I would not mind that, but obviously, I never decide with whom I race in any team.

In which ways do you feel your driving or approach to F1 has changed over the years based on your experience? Do you feel wiser now?

KR: I think the experience helps me in certain areas of racing. For example you know some ideas how to setup the car in a certain circuit with some basic details and which things you have to look more precis.

Peter asked:
You’ve had plenty of cool helmet designs over the years. Which design has been your favourite so far, purely from an aesthetics point of view and excluding any emotional ties to achievements gained with the design?

KR: There is not a certain design, I would call my number one favourite. They have been some what different, some have been very nice, but for me none of them is better than than the rest. Hopefully you like the next one.

Peter asked again:
What sort of things do you try to achieve during a safety car restart and can you tell a little about the strategies you choose and why, ie. keeping the drivers behind bunched up, staying right behind the guy in front or creating a buffer behind you etc?

KR: I focus on getting the tyres and the breaks working properly straight after the re-start. That’s the main issue. Of course I want to be as close as possible behind the safety car.

And more Peter asked:
The gearboxes have seen some tremendous development during your career, from the double clutch McLaren to the current seamless gearboxes. How much of a difference do you see as a driver from that development when you’re driving?

KR: It was different with the gearboxes in smaller Formulae, but, for me, since 2005 they haven’t change that much. It doesn’t make a difference with the driver, I would say.

Denis asked:
Why are you always wearing Oakley sunglasses when you don’t wear helmet? Is it a matter of style only or do you really care about eyesight protection so much?

KR: I have a deal with Oakley, but, for sure, I like to use sunglasses any way. My eyes are quite sensitive.

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