Slade: “He’s not packaged. That has an appeal”

| Source: gpinternational |

Race engineer Mark Slade and Lotus Trackside Operations Director Alan Permane speak to Tony Dodgins about Kimi Raikkonen, in this nice feature from GP International’s April issue. Click here to read the preview in high-res. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Slade: “He’s not packaged. That has an appeal”

  1. Thanks for posting the article, Saima. The photographer really captured the enigma that is Kimi, and Mark Slade imparted some perceptive observations as to why Kimi has so many fans…Pity the article was so short.
    Is this a new publication ? I found the Australian Race review piece somewhat lacking in real substance.


    1. Hi! Yea you need to pay to read the full issue, I can’t find a copy anywhere so… lol if I do I will update this post 🙂


      1. mam you are as beautiful as your name. Raikkonen is lucky to have fans like u


  2. Many thanks to You, Saima! I hope You have a luck to find a copy of the full issue:)


      1. Fantastic! Thanks heaps Saima & TaniaS.
        Kimi sounding positive for China in the Q&A. GO KIMI!


  3. This article makes me very proud to be a Raikkonen fan. More success to you Kimi!


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