Vettel appreciates Kimi’s way of life

Monaco Grand Prix, Monte-Carlo 23-27 May 2012Source:

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen are known in F1 for their sincerity and for their unconventional behavior in the sport.

Vettel tells in the latest Der Spiegel -magazine that this is exactly the reason why he gets so well along with Räikkönen.

“I like him really much. If he isn’t interested in something then he makes no secret of it. I appreciate that he is the same in his private life also, although it may seem odd to someone else,” Vettel said.

Last year in Abu Dhabi the duo inspired FIA to instruct teams that they should not talk dirty on the podium. Räikkönen used the word “shit” and Vettel used the words “fuck up” in David Coulthard’s podium interview.

Vettel wonders over the fuss the matter caused and he critisized the double standards that are general in media.

“I don’t see any problem with it. The sport lives through emotions, we are not robots,” Vettel commented on the swearing-fuss.

“On one hand we are accused of not having character, but then when someone talks like that, drinks beer or smokes a cigarette we are immediately barked at.”

– The word travels immediately through the whole world, internet needs more filling all the time. It seems irrelevant which of the things are true and which aren’t, the main thing is that something new is written and that it puts enough people in motion.

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