Barcelona Testing Day 1: Report & Quotes

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Kimi Räikkönen conducted the first day of running for E21 chassis #2 in Barcelona, completing 44 laps at the Circuit de Catalunya. Though Kimi completed the fewest laps of any driver today, he was nevertheless the second fastest for most of the day, including at the end of the afternoon session.

Telemetry data-logging issues meant the team completed fewer laps than desired, but nevertheless concluded a productive day of assessment of the second E21. Kimi will drive tomorrow with the team targeting a greater haul of laps.

Fast Facts

  • Track: Barcelona, Spain, 5.9km
  • Chassis: E21-02
  • Weather: Sunny, ambient 10-16°C, track 11-22°C
  • Programme: Systems checks, temperature monitoring, data correlation, assessment of the performance of the car with its initial aerodynamic package
  • Laps Completed: 44
  • Classification: P2, 1:22.623
  • Interruptions: Red flags, data-logging diagnostics

Video: Epic Kimi interview at 5:30mins


Kimi Räikkönen: “It wasn’t an ideal day in terms of the number of laps we completed, but the car feels strong and we’ve made some good progress. After Jerez it’s nice to be at a circuit where we race and the E21 is definitely a step in the right direction. There’s lots of work yet to do this week but I’m happy with where we are at the moment.”

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director: “It’s been a positive debut for the second chassis here in Barcelona. Kimi was happy with where the car started the day, and the setup changes we’ve made have been positive. We had a few issues on the electronics side with the telemetry data-logging and this has cost us track time as well as the ability to conduct longer runs. Other than that, we’ve been able to take over from where we left off in Jerez so we’re happy with that. All we need is more laps, which is our focus for tomorrow.”

James Allison, Technical Director: “It was a bit of a frustrating day as we were confined to doing two lap runs by a telemetry system which would only work sporadically. Running what is effectively a brand new car for extended periods without regular feedback as to its condition is not a risk worth taking; especially at this early stage of the season when spare parts are at a premium. Putting that to one side, the favourable impression we received from the drivers in Jerez seems to have continued here which is certainly a positive…” (read full interview with James Allison here.)

Kimi frustrated with telemetry issue

BDfj35RCUAAtyjW_2Kimi Raikkonen ended day one of Barcelona Formula 1 testing frustrated as a data issue limited Lotus’s mileage. Raikkonen was second quickest, just 0.007 seconds behind pacesetter Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes.

But the Finn’s tally of 44 laps was the lowest of the day, as problems with data-logging diagnostics interrupted Lotus’s programme.

“We only did short runs,” said Raikkonen.

“We couldn’t get any data from the car so we couldn’t run many laps because we couldn’t see if anything was wrong or not.”

Raikkonen said the disruption was minimised because Tuesday would not have been the most useful day of running.

“The circuit is not in very good condition and it’s too cold still,” he said.

Lotus will keep Raikkonen in the car for Wednesday before Romain Grosjean takes over for the remainder of the week.

Video: Kimi on-track

1 thought on “Barcelona Testing Day 1: Report & Quotes

  1. Thanks to Nicole for these Finnish translations:

    Malfunctioning computer Lotus-team’s headache
    F1 | Turun Sanomat 20:06

    Lotus has a fast car, but it needs badly long stints. E21 suffered from data-breaks already in Jerez and it continued in Barcelona on Tuesday.

    – The new computer system causes problems. When you don’t get data in the car during driving you can’t drive much, all you can do is short stints, Kimi Räikkönen agonized.

    Räikkönen drove 44 laps in Barcelona. The impression of the new car being an improvement from last year’s car only got stronger.

    – Everything in the car feels better – starting from the tires. Once we get more work done and more downforce in the car it will make driving even easier, Räikkönen thinks.


    It’s not nice to wait and wonder

    – A test is always a test. If there are problems then it’s never nice to sit and wonder, but it’s normal in tests, Räikkönen said to MTV3.

    – I rather test on these tracks where races take place. In that sense it’s better in Barcelona than in Jerez.

    Räikkönen confirmed the observation he made already in Jerez, that the new Lotus car is better than the predecessor.

    – Of course there are a few things that needs to be fixed and improved. If comparing to last year’s beginning, or race, it feels better. It’s difficult to say how far it will take us. It’s not a bad start, Kimi commented on his car.

    – The car has also got a little more grip, so of course it helps, Kimi added.


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