Raikkonen’s new 2013 helmet

After the Lotus E21 launch, the next eagerly anticipated revelation is Kimi Raikkonen’s 2013 F1 racing helmet and here it is!

“It Protects My Head”

Long-time trusted friend Uffe Tägtström has been designing Kimi’s helmets since his karting days, so we caught up with him to find out what really goes on inside – or in this case outside – the Iceman’s head…

Although the driver is very much involved in the design process, when it comes to the Iceman things are typically mysterious when it comes to his head gear:

“Usually Kimi gives a hint of what should be on his helmet for the season ahead. I’ll then make five different versions of the idea with the computer and he picks what he likes the most” Uffe explains.

“Last year he wanted to have his race number up there. He had the number previously during the McLaren times, but then it was at the back of the helmet. Now the number will change from 9 to 7, but there isn’t that much of change for 2013; just some new partners.”

Kimi has always been something of a trend setter with his unique style, and his ’skid lids’ are no exception:

“Sometimes it has been that whatever Kimi brings to his helmet design, it doesn’t take that much time to see the same idea in some way on somebody else’s helmet, too” says Uffe.

“I would not say he is very artistic, but he knows what he wants and he is very fashion-conscious. He is certainly of his generation”

Kimi saves all his helmets and remembers the season just by having a look at the helmet design.

At the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix, he showed his respect to a driver of the 1970s when he incorporated the James Hunt design and name on his helmet.

“The idea was there for many years, but with McLaren and Ferrari there was no opportunity to use it. Last year it was perfect and the feedback was great too” Uffe praises.

Let’s wait and see what Monaco brings along this time…

2 thoughts on “Raikkonen’s new 2013 helmet

  1. There are not too many changes. The design is the same as last year’s testing version but black and white are switched now. From first race of 2012 Kimi has added some details on the top of the helmet in the area around Insignia sign.These details were something lige razer blades and were pretty cool. I espect something simmilar for the first race of this season.So, I would say this is the winter testing version of 2013 helmet. Of course, the number is changed too from 9 to 7. Overall the template is the same. Only the colors are changed. As I said, I espect more details on the top. That’s pretty important area for us because of onboard camera view.


  2. I agree, he ran a plainer version in pre-season testing last year too.


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