Kimi on Abu Dhabi: “That was a boring race, I can tell you!”


He’s just re-signed his contract with the team for 2013, and our Iceman gives us his thoughts on a frustrating race in India, how he will tackle the bright lights of Abu Dhabi, and just how he feels about his successful return to Formula One.

Q: What’s your previous form at Abu Dhabi?

KR: So far I have done only one race in Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. It was my last race with Ferrari and of course my last before I moved to rallying.

Q: You didn’t race for two years after that race – is there any relationship between the two factors?

KR: That was a boring race, I can tell you! I finished the race back in 12th position and there was nothing I could do during the race. I’m looking forward to improving on my record at the track and I’m sure it should be a more interesting race for me this time round!

Q: What do you think of the circuit?

KR: The facilities are second to none at Abu Dhabi. The track layout makes it really challenging for overtaking, while there are not too many places to pass. You really have to qualify well to be on the top, and to get a strong result from there. There are many corners and you need good overall downforce and grip. The car has to ride the kerbs very well, too.

Q: Are there any distinct challenges at the Yas Marina Circuit?

KR: Having an evening race with a mixture of day and night makes a different challenge from circuits that we see anywhere else. We start with the sun and finish with the lights. It’s different, interesting and spectacular too.

Q: Give us a quick overview of your weekend in India…

KR: I had a very good car there, but I just couldn’t do anything with it as I was not able to pass on the straight. It was quite disappointing but that’s how it goes. We put ourselves in that position on Saturday with the set-up we chose for qualifying and we paid the price. We had the speed but not in the right place and when you are behind someone there’s not much you can do. I really thought we had a car which meant we could fight for a podium as our lap times were good, but the mistake we made on Saturday took all the chances out. The Drivers’ Championship battle is pretty much gone for me I think, but hopefully in the next race we can have the speed to be able to take more Championship points.

Q: you optimistic with the E20 for Abu Dhabi and looking forwards?

KR: Hopefully we can be a bit smarter and use our race speed to take some more Championship points. The car is good, and if we manage to qualify higher, then I think we would be in a good position to be able to take the most from the next few races.

Video: Abu Dhabi 2009 Highlights


4 thoughts on “Kimi on Abu Dhabi: “That was a boring race, I can tell you!”

  1. Simply beautiful..thank you very much Saima


    1. Ooooo……so heart-warming….many thanks, Saima!


  2. AWESOME..! Very Well done… Thanks fo sharing and making such a Great video of our Fav F1 Icon..


  3. Saima, thank you very much!

    How sad we were then…


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