Saturday in India: “We could’ve been third or fourth”


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A setup change between the morning practice session and the afternoon qualifying session didn’t give Kimi the car he wanted for qualifying; P7 on the grid for tomorrow’s Indian Grand Prix was the result.

Q: Do you feel that where you qualified is where Lotus F1 Team are at the moment?

KR: No, I think that we could have been third or fourth. After this morning we made the decision to change the car a little bit, and that was probably the wrong decision. It took all the grip away from the track and actually I’m surprised that we qualified where we did! You have to try these things, but sometimes they don’t work as you want. We often change things a little bit, as there are always areas where the car can be improved. I’m very disappointed I made the decision as we had a very good car this morning and I really think that we should have been on the second row of the grid.

Q: How frustrated are you?

KR: It’s disappointing because yesterday and this morning we were really quick here. Two weeks, or three weeks ago, in Japan, it was pretty normal, but here – because we have the speed – and have had it the whole weekend, so that’s why it’s disappointing and we definitely should have been in a much better position.

Q: Will the set up make a difference in the race?

KR: We cannot touch the car, but perhaps with the high fuel it will feel different and perhaps the circuit will change. Unfortunately, I don’t think the car will magically go back to feeling as good as it was this morning.

Q: How important will tomorrow’s strategy be?

KR: I don’t think anybody has struggled with the tyres, so I think they’ll probably follow each other! To be honest, I don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t have the straight line speed so we’ll just do the best we can.

Q: Do you feel there is a bit of a step forward from the new upgrades?

KR: I think it depends a bit from circuit to circuit; we had a pretty good race in Korea. We had a good speed there until we got a bit stuck behind other cars and it got a bit cooler so we lost our grip a little bit. We have a few new parts here so perhaps we’ll be slightly more competitive.

1 thought on “Saturday in India: “We could’ve been third or fourth”

  1. Why we love You, Kimi? Why I love You? You know – because of THIS! To see, to hear a man, who is so genuine, honest and straight – it doesn´t very usual nowadays….Every mistake & disapointment will be the lesson for the next step to do better & right! Yesterday´s disapointment can to turn for today´s success, we never know – 60 laps – a long way to run!!In estonian we have a word LOOTUS, what means HOPE:) I´m hopeing the best for today´s race – good luck, Kimi!! Good luck LOTUS F1 team!!


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