Ask Kimi! – Part 1


Over the course of the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, Lotus F1 Team invited fans to ask their questions to Kimi via the official team website. Part 1 sees the Finn answer the first half of the top 20 queries we received, including his thoughts on driving styles, team-mates, first cars, helmets and of course… ice-cream!

Irati Fujimoto:
 What ice cream flavour do you like most?

KR: [smiles] There is no specific flavour… vanilla, chocolate, strawberry the traditional Finnish ice cream flavour – whatever is available.

Hubert Boroń:
 How do you relax after a race?

KR: I like to chill out with my close friends. Sometimes, I have a couple of my Finnish mates with me in the paddock and I like it a lot. It’s just nice to chat with them in Finnish, to think about something else than racing.

Michael Kearns: 
What was your first car and what do you have in the garage these days? Have you still got the Enzo?

KR: It was a Lada, a used one. I had good fun with it. I haven’t got the Enzo anymore but I have a nice Lotus Evoras S, which is a really good compromise.

Tania Dhaliwal: 
What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite singer / band?

KR: Most of all I like the music the Finns play. I also like Linkin Park, I think they’re cool.

Maki Fujita:
 Do you think a hat trick (pole + win + fastest lap) could be possible in the E20? If so, at which circuit will it be?

KR: That would be nice! After our performance in Bahrain, I know that we can do even better. The win was very, very close. We’ll have to see at which circuit that will be… but keep in mind, you don’t gain any extra points for poles and fastest lap times!

Vinay Pothnis: How would you know if you have done a perfect lap?

KR: There is not a perfect lap, only in dreams. You can get a great lap without any mistakes, but you can always improve it, believe me!

Vinay Pothnis: How do you improve on a lap by lap basis in a race?

KR: With brand new tyres, you always go faster compared to used ones. Also, the car gets lighter and lighter in the race. While the new tyre drops off, there is no way you can improve your times after a few laps. Normally, you improve the time with the right timing of pits stops and then burning the fuel so the car gets lighter all the time to the Finish.

Rene Speksnijder:
 We learned that you are a bit more harsh on the engine then Romain. In which way does that affect the car? Furthermore, how do you like the engine to pick-up regarding your use of the throttle?

KR: I have driven the car and used the throttle in the same way all my career. Every driver has his own style of going fast. This is mine. It is maybe a bit harsh, but it remains within the scope of what the Renault engine can take.

Horváth Levente: 
What’s the red motif on your helmet and what does it symbolize?

KR: There is the number 9 in red as that’s my number in the championship. But the helmet design is just a design, it is not trying to symbolize anything special. I like to change the design each year. So it’s easy to remember afterwards which season relates to which helmet.

Horváth Levente: Who has been the strongest team-mate in your F1 career?

KR: Almost of all of them have been very competitive! But I never focus on them, I just concentrate on my own doings with my crew. That’s the only way to beat them and the rest of the field.

Part 2 of the Ask Kimi feature is coming up tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 26/04/12), so keep your eyes peeled to see if your question has been answered by the Iceman!

3 thoughts on “Ask Kimi! – Part 1

  1. Iv been tattooing since 1983 and im a big F1 nut. Iv been to every Australian GP since 1986 and in 2001 i followed the f1’s and went to 9 races around the world. I was sitting right there when your steering wheel came off at Imola in the Sauber car. Iv still got the photos. Anyway, Iv noticed with your tattoos that they are starting to fade and have blow out lines in them. over time, it will get worse. for someone like you and my hero, i feel that you deserve to have your tattoos sharper and cleaner. For me, it would be an honour to re-work them for you and make them pop right out and so they will stay sharper and solid forever. What do you think?


  2. Hey Chris… ah… don’t think Kimi will read your message here 😦 Lol this is just a website for fans. The questions were taken on Lotus F1 Teams website but it’s finished now.

    But wow, you’re a crazy F1 fan! Have you ever got to see Kimi at autograph signings?


    1. i thought he might not of get to read it, worth a try but ill still do it for him though! 🙂 and yes, iv seen him at the australian grand prix all the time over the 4 days. i have a F1 album in my.
      when i see his tattoos i just want to re-work them and sharpen them up…. thanks for your reply too.


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