Kimi: Happy Mother’s Day mum!

We know Kimi is a man of few but true words. This is all what he had to say in the post-race press conference in Finnish:

7 thoughts on “Kimi: Happy Mother’s Day mum!

  1. This is why I am a Kimi fan, and always will be! 😀


    1. So sweet of him. The fact that it’s about his mum which is all he wanted to say in Finnish just makes me melt!


  2. So awesome 🙂 He says the best things!


  3. I was watching the race with my mum 🙂 Certainly a good end for the race and press conference. I wonder what an earth Alonso and Maldonado have been thinking after Kimi’s comments 🙂


  4. oo my god… it bring tears to my eyes got to know him said the best sweet thing ever….i love him so much


  5. Kimi Raikkonen….Best Driver….Best Son.. 🙂


  6. And still with that ICE face LOLs. He’s a romantic son in his own way… LOVE HIM!!!


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