Kimi’s Column: Rally Portugal Review


One Point and lots of happening

It was exactly how we expected it would to be: Tha Rally de Portugal was
as tricky as the Rally of Jordan. We got the right information. I guess,
these two are the most difficult rallies in the calender.

We finished the rally in Jordan and we managed to finish the in the
rally in Portugal as well. Now we got some points from three sucessive
races. It’s an ok result, but, obviously, it could have been a little bit better
in Portugal.

We had position 8 in our hands, but we then had few problems, lost a lot of time
and finally we were happy to finish the rally in sunday. Tha puncture
on sunday morning was an annoying experience, but shit
happens. It’s a part of motor racing and it happens to all for us

Right in the beginning we lost time, while we went out of the road and
had push the car back using the reserve. Then on Sunday morning the
feeling in the car was better and better, I cut a corner too fast and we
had a big moment on two wheels. Well, we were lucky. I didn’t roll over
and it came back. After that it was a just question to bring car home.

It was like in every rally that the surface changes radically, while you
do the stage for a second time.

Obviously, it was very difficult route all the way long and the changes,
they were even bigger compared to other places.

The gap to the top guys is huge, but there is nothing surprising in
that. We have know since the very beginning of this season, that the
front runners are very, very quick. You have to have a lot confidence in
your car and a lot kilometres in rally to match with them.

Now there is a new winner in WRC rally. Ogier is a really strong rally
driver and deserved his first victory after coming so close already in
New Zealand. Obviously, I remember well how nice feeling I’ve got after
winning my first Formula One Grand Prix in Malaysia back in 2003. It’s
always a special thing for a racing driver.

Now we head for the Lanterna Rally in Italy. We got an opportunity to
have some training on tarmac before the next WRC rally in Bulgaria in

After that I will keenly watch the football world cup and some other
sports, while we have some weeks to chill out.

2 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: Rally Portugal Review

  1. Thanks for the update Evenstar. I’m sure Kimi will be better and better as he gains more experience. I didn’t know he’s a football fan, lol!


  2. Hahayea, can’t miss the World Cup!


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