Rally Jordan Shakedown Results

Source: WRC.com 

Citroen duo quickest in Jordan Shakedown

Defending World
Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb was the fastest driver at the pre-event
shakedown for the Jordan Rally earlier today, with fellow C4 World Rally
Car drivers Petter Solberg and Dani Sordo locking out the top three

The four-hour test took place on a 2.3km stage, located
7.5km north of the Dead Sea Service Park. Weather conditions were dry
and sunny throughout with a temperature peaking at 30 degrees Celsius.

drove the stage five times, setting his best time on the third pass,
and matching it on the fourth. "Everything went okay, but the road
wasn’t very representative of the ones we saw on the recce," Loeb told
wrc.com. "Today’s road was fast and there was a lot of grip, while the
proper stages are much more twisty and slippery. All we did today was
check that everything was okay with the car."

Loeb’s team-mate
Dani Sordo and Citroen privateer Petter Solberg set the same
second-fastest time, one-tenth slower than Loeb. "We tried a lot of
different things during the session because I haven’t done any testing
before the rally," said Petter. "I expect conditions will be much looser
on the rally but the main thing is that we’re up there with the best,
and one tenth from Seb is nothing, you know?"

BP Ford Abu Dhabi
Team drivers Jari-Matti Latvala and Mikko Hirvonen were fourth and fifth

After a ceremonial start in the historic city of Jerash
on Thursday morning, the opening stage of the rally, the 15.34km Rumman
Forest, gets underway on 1128hrs. Follow this
to find out how to follow the rally LIVE and FREE on

Here are the Shakedown times of the WRC drivers:

. Citroen C4 WRC. 1:13.4
=2. SORDO.
Citroen C4 WRC. 1:13.5

=2. P. SOLBERG. Citroen C4
WRC. 1:13.5

4. LATVALA. Ford Focus RS WRC 09. 1:13.7
. Ford Focus RS WRC 09. 1:13.8
Citroen C4 WRC. 1:13.9

7. VILLAGRA. Ford Focus RS
WRC 08. 1:15.1

8. WILSON. Ford Focus RS WRC 08.

9. H.SOLBERG. Ford Focus RS WRC 08. 1:15.3
. Citroen C4 WRC. 1:16.2

Rally Jordan Schedule & Guide

Source: RallyBuzz.com

Event Information

Date: April 1-3, 2010

Shakedown: Wednesday 31st April

Round: 3 of 13 FIA World Rally Championship

Based: Dead Sea, Jordan

Stage surface: Gravel

Total stage distance: 339.48kms

Number of stages: 21

Longest stage: 41.45km Jordan River (SS10/SS13)

Service Park: Dead Sea Centre, Jordan

TimeZone: GMT+2

Sunrise / Sunset: On the first day of the rally, Thursday 1st April,
sunrise is at 6h25 and sunset at 18h56.

Temperature: varies between 10°C and 21°C with dry weather.

All times are local.

Day 1 – Thursday 1st April: 292,42 km including 95,70 km timed (7 SS,
4 different).
11:28 – SS1: ‘Rumman Forest’ (15,34 km)
12:26 – SS2: ‘Wadi Shueib 1’ (8,65 km)
12:54 – SS3: ‘Mahes 1’ (20,44 km)
13:37 – SS4: ‘Mount Nebo 1’ (11,09 km)
– Service A (14h32 / 30 min)

15:50 – SS5: ‘Wadi Shueib 2’ (8,65 km)
16:13 – SS6: ‘Mahes 2’ (20,44 km)
16:56 – SS7: ‘Mount Nebo 2’ (11,09 km)
– Service B (17h34 / 45 min) – Last car in parc fermé at 21h30.

Day 2 – Friday 2nd April: 331,24 km including 141,76 km times
(6 SS, 3 different).

Service C (8h00 / 15 min)

08:38 – SS8: ‘Suwayma 1’ (12,23 km)
09:21 – SS9: ‘Kafrain 1’ (17,20 km)
10:19 – SS10: ‘Jordan River 1’ (41,45 km)
– Service D (11h54 / 30 min)

12:47 – SS11: ‘Suwayma 2’ (12,23 km)
13:30 – SS12: ‘Kafrain 2’ (17,20 km)
14:28 – SS13: ‘Jordan River 2’ (41,45 km)
– Service E (15h46 / 45 min) – Last car in parc fermé at 20h00.

Day 3 – Saturday 3rd April: 263,12 km including 108,70 km
timed (8 SS, 4 different SS).

– Service F (7h30 / 15 min)

08:20 – SS14: ‘Yakrut 1’ (14,16 km)
08:50 – SS15: ‘Bahath 1’ (12,53 km)
09:33 – SS16:‘Shuna 1’ (15,23 km)
10:16 – SS17: ‘Baptism Site 1’ (12,43 km)
– Service G (11h06 / 30 min)

12:11 – SS18: ‘Yakrut 2’ (14,16 km)
12:41 – SS19: ‘Bahath 2’ (12,53 km)
13:24 – SS20: ‘Shuna 2’ (15,23 km)
14:07 – SS21: ‘Baptism Site 2’ (12,43 km)
– Service H (14h40 / 10 min) – Finish at 14h50.

Podium: Saturday 3rd April at 15h30.

2 thoughts on “Rally Jordan Shakedown Results

  1. From Nicole:———————-KIMI’S RETURN TO F1 IS POSSIBLEKeskiviikko 31.3.2010 klo 13.52After the shakedown on Wednesday morning Räikkönen speculated about his return in a few words. Kimi doesn’t deny but he also doesn’t admit that his rallying career would be only one year long.- I don’t know, I have a contract for this season. After that I have nothing. This is not the time to decide upon it. I have many options, a lot depends on what I want myself.The decisions are made later this year and the decision is only Räikkönen’s.- It’s my own decision and my own feeling. I have no reason to tell anything more. I guess you find out when it’s time for it. There’s no hurry, it’s still a long way to next year.MIIKA WUORELADEAD SEA——————-http://www.iltalehti.fi/urheilu/


  2. Yeah we will know when it’s time for it 🙂 I still remembered how sad I was when knowing he is leaving F1 last year & I prayed & prayed hope it is just a joke… now? If someone ask me "Do you wish to see Kimi to return to F1?" … mmhh I don’t know frankly. If there is a good car for him, why not? Anyway let’s wait for his decision then…


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