Rumour of Raikkonen joining Vettel at Red Bull in 2011 gaining momentum…

Source: Bild,

Kimi Raikkonen
is set to replace Red Bull’s Mark Webber ahead of the 2011

A report in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag said the return of the Finn
Formula One, to become his friend Sebastian Vettel’s teammate, is
being arranged.

Raikkonen, 30, is already under contract to the energy drinks
having switched from Ferrari to world rallying for 2010 with the Red
Bull-funded Citroen Junior Team.

RBR team boss Christian Horner recently admitted that hiring
Raikkonen for
2011 is an "interesting idea", and speculation about Webber’s expiring
contract was re-fired this weekend when Lewis Hamilton tipped the
Australian to retire.

Horner said on Saturday: "We are very happy with our drivers.
Mark is
driving very well, and he is not old, as Michael has demonstrated.

"The average age (of F1 drivers) has dropped, but as long as Mark
motivated, competitive and quick, I don’t think that he has any thoughts
of stopping just yet."

Vettel told Bild am Sonntag: "Kimi and I are good friends, but in
the end
I don’t care who sits in the other car because I still have to beat

He would not confirm that the Raikkonen deal is close to being

"I don’t know what the team is planning. And in the end, it is of
Kimi’s decision. He needs to see how he feels."

5 thoughts on “Rumour of Raikkonen joining Vettel at Red Bull in 2011 gaining momentum…

  1. I bloody hope not! I hope he stays in WRCalthough a Kimi/Vettel partnership would be pretty cool!


  2. thatwouldbeAWESOME!though i would rather prefer to see kimi in a ferrari or mercedesthe first part of todays australian gp was pretty exciting BUT f1´s not the same without kimi


  3. Oh my god!!! Hope he comes back!!!!!!!! You’re totally right, nothing is the same without The Iceman……


  4. he seems to be happier in wrc than in f1.. just what can we see from the pictures and videos… :)whatever he will do next year i wish him best of luck and i hope he will enjoy it. though if he joined F1 next year, we could see him more often, on tv and so on… so, that is probably the only reason why would i want he to come back. take care guys.kimi keep flying.


  5. I hope kimi comes back, if he is team mates with vettel it will be my dream team.


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