Stalking Kimi at Rally Sweden You’ve got to read this rather humourous article from CarMagazine, as Ben Barry followed Kimi all over the Rally Sweden weekend which proves this kind of behaviour isn’t restricted to "fangirl" duties. Courtesy of Miezicat and YiNing in the forum!

"Kimi looks furious. I think he is going to punch

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4 thoughts on “Stalking Kimi at Rally Sweden

  1. HaHa….this Ben Barry guy is really funny….behaved more like a stalker than journo… he’s in this YT video looking very eager to talk to Kimi…..


  2. Yeah, YiNing. I couldn’t really decide was it a positive article or a negative one. :)2 things came to my mind while reading it:1. I can call myself very lucky that Kimi "said" 2 letters to me at Monza! :D2. You have to be a little kid if you want Kimi Räikkönen to talk to you or smile at you. Otherwise, you do not have a big chance! LOL It’s understandable though. Kids are honest, what you see is what you get, Kimi is like that too. :)Kinga


  3. lol, so these were the two reporters who did n`t help Kimi to dig his car out of the snowbank. 😉


  4. it seems they were Amol Joshi … and after that , he’s surprised that Kimi didn’t smile to him … LOLshy stalker can have smiles from him too ! I had ! 😉


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