F1 GP Highlights: Germany 2009

https://i0.wp.com/img27.imageshack.us/img27/5543/evenstarsays.png Good evening all! I was so frustrated and upset for Kimi after the German GP (again) that I considered not even making this video. Being busy with other things also played a part in deciding not to make the German or the forthcoming Hungary highlight videos. But no worries – I managed to pull myself together spontaneously this afternoon and quickly cooked up the video. And as a result of rushing this video off in the small free time I had, there’s a missing ingredient – pictures! So the video is made with video coverage only and it is also much shorter in length. I hope you will forgive me for not making it a complete video as I usually do but I’m just happy that there won’t be a gap in the 2009 KRS video collection (thanks to Wenny and TaniaS for providing the clips!) It’s not the first time that I’ve faltered in hope and motivation as a Kimi fan, but I do still believe Kimi will be making his comeback soon. And it might be at Hungary! So let’s look forward to that. Enjoy the video.
Keep flying,

Size: 62.2MB | Duration: 04.31mins | Download via Mediafire or Megaupload
Music SoundTrack: "They Don’t Really Care About Us" by Michael Jackson | Watch music video on YouTube


11 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Germany 2009

  1. A great video! Even though it didn’t have pictures, the video coverage selected was excellent. The music matched last week-end’s situation superbly- with the Spanish, Italian and a few Finnish tabloids saying Kimi is going to be dropped, and the team failing him, will make him feel that people don’t care for him- but we do! At the moment, Kimi’s situation seems to be going from bad, to worse! But like you say Saima, there are more races out there, and if he has a chance to win- he will take that chance! Thanks for finding time for all of us here, we all appreciate it greatly!Keep Flying SaimaKeep Flying Kimi


  2. Awwww, thanks Matt :)Yeah, I think the ‘we’ described in the song could be related to us Kimi fans and that it’s Kimi speaking! lol


  3. Hi Saima???Great video!!!!I do not really know what you have against me, but I understand their position. OkIcekisses!!!!!!


  4. the video is sooo cool! They don’t really care about us is my absolute favorite song of michael!!!Love ya!!


  5. awesome Saima!! me loves this song too! thanks for taking time for us !!and fortunately, WE and mostly YOU take care about us, the Raikkos!! ;)*hug*


  6. thanks a lot for the video saima! i though you weren’t gonna make it, but we’re lucky enough to have such a LOYAL fan of Kimi like you!the video is really cool! honestly, i’ve never heard the song before but it seems alot of people know the song!and i like the song too!Keep flying Saima!=)


  7. Thats a great video Evenstar! I must say I really like your latest music choices 😉 Kimi in action put to music. How can you not love that – even when the car breaks down. Title of the song fit pretty good. Sometimes I wonder if Ferrari care enough for Kimi. If they did – they would have built the car entirely around him. This equal stuff is hurting them in the end.Anyway – looking to Hungary. I feel a great result coming on there.


  8. Cheers guys 🙂 it means a lot to me.Yeah, this is one of MJ’s biggest songs, also coz it was very controversial at the time.I wish I could be there at Hungary next weekend! Or Spa… 😦 *dreams*


  9. Much thanks!!!Jackson=(,sad.Keep fingers crossed to wish a good weekend 4 Hungary.


  10. Superb vid! 😉


  11. Another great video Saima although I thought there’s never gonna be one as Kimi DNF the Germany GP. The song was perfect. Like Soren, I also wonder if Ferrari cares for Kimi and start giving him a winning carfor him to fight and wins like before! Hope Kimi has better lucks this weekend…..You’re always our No 1 and the main reason to watch F1! Keep Flying Kimi….


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