Steve Robertson: Rumour talks pure BS

From | Finnish Translation courtesy of Wolfie

Kimi Räikkönen’s manager Steve Robertson rejects the stubborn rumour
that Ferrari would replace Kimi with Alonso after this season.

"Those talks are pure BS," Robertson said to MTV3 on the telephone.

"These rumours have been going on for a while. Some quarters seem to
have a habit of coming up with unjustified rumours and the magazines
again want to write. A lot of the rumours come from Spanish reporters
but as I said, there’s no truth in them," Robertson continued.

Robertson didn’t want to speculate if the group backing up Alonso could be behind the rumours.

"I don’t know who is behind them but I can only assure that Kimi has a
contract for the next season. Kimi is happy at Ferrari and he wants to
drive for Ferrari."

Robertson says that Räikkönen is committed 110 % to continue his career in F1 and Ferrari.

"He has a contract with Ferrari and he will drive there," Robertson assured. Well, let’s hope that will settle it. None of the speculation or rumours were posted on this blog because we at KRS don’t care for the media sensationalism – especially when this disgusting battle from the Spanish media seems to be against Kimi in their desperation for Fernando Alonso to be with Ferrari. And we all know how Kimi feels about that...

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Watch the full interviews by One TV and BBC  (March and May 2009)

10 thoughts on “Steve Robertson: Rumour talks pure BS

  1. Amen!! Now let the media go hassle someone else and leave Kimi out of it. He doesn’t rise to their smelly bait…good on you, Kimi!!!


  2. hahahaha!agree with you steve, total BS!Hope the media will shut their asses up and let Kimi live in peace!KEEP FLYING KIMI!!=)


  3. thanks for this piece of truth Saima!this vid had to be done!! that’s said, nothing to add!


  4. Hello I am from Spain but overcoat I’m a great Kimi’s fan. Probably some of you know me for IceGalicianGirl from YouTube, I don’t know.But I would like to clarify that in Spain we are a lot, a lot!!! of fans of Kimi Räikkönen. When I went to Montmeló I can see that there was the same fans with Fernando’s cap that with that Kimi’s cap. I can assure it. You were walking along the circuit and you could see placards supporting Kimi.Some of us are in contact and I speak for me and for them when I say that the press says a lot of shit, yes, but we aren’t agree. The fans of Kimi, certainly we do not want that he retires (I leave here a link of a video that I prepared asking that Kimi was not moving back is true that the majority of the rumours come of here and you must believe me, Saima, when I say to you that his Spanish fans we are suffering very much with these drivels. But I must say, that whatever happens, he should retire or not, always we will be supporting him! Because he gave us the best day of our lives and because he did that my dream was making real: Kimi Räikkönen world champion. Ah! And I want to say also, that in Spain there are many people who doesn’t support Fernando. Thanks and excuse me for my poor English.


  5. A relieving update from someone closest to Kimi. Good video. the truth comes from Kimi….Keep Flying Kimi! You’re always the reason to watch F1!


  6. I don’t want to care about too much right now…the possibilities of his retiring is low at present,right…Just want to watch him racing…flying…


  7. Hi Belen (IceGalicianGirl, hehe!) – thanks so much for your message! I already knew that Kimi is very popular in Spain, but obviously the Spanish media don’t understand that and only support their national hero I guess.


  8. That’s nice (to not post all those rumours), Saima ;)IMO, most people stop believing that avalanche of rumours, at least in LT. So it would be about time to stop creating them…


  9. nice video saima & belen….kimi stay in F1 i knew he still love to race and win..hope ferrari will keep kimi in the team for the next season..F1 will never be same 2 me if kimi retire……..


  10. Kimi is so cute in this video, I love his smile~ha haSaima,thanks for everything you did,especially in this difficult season.Kimi, never give up!!Keep flying!!!


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