Kimi’s Column: German GP Review


The curse that seems to follow me in Germany struck again. I finished
both races, at the Hockenheim and at the Nürburgring, only a few times.
The points I could have gained would have made a difference in the
championship’s outcome. On Sunday we had the chance for a good result,
but I left empty handed: obviously I’m not lucky racing there.

The F60 had some updates and the set up was pretty much ok, but
we’re still paying a high price in terms of downforce as you could see
in some sectors of the track. The qualifying was really difficult,
because the grip was constantly changing, although the conditions were
the same for everybody out there: in Q1 and Q2 it was really important
to find the right moment to go onto the track, while in Q3, on the dry
track, we decided to put lots of petrol in the car, because we didn’t
have the possibility to be on one of the front rows.

At the beginning
of the race I was right behind Felipe and we both had the possibility
to gain a good position. At a certain point, and we still don’t know
exactly when, debris got stuck in the radiator and perforated it. On
lap 14 I was asked by the pitwall to lower the revs and then, after the
pit stop, I started losing performance right until the moment I had to
stop. On lap 29 I collided with Sutil: he came out of the box while I
was on my line; he tried to defend his position on the inside. The cars
collided and he lost a bit of his front wing, while the side of mine
was slightly damaged.

With these wide wings it’s quite easy to collide and break them. I
went with Adrian to meet the stewards and we thought that it was a
normal race accident, as indeed did the stewards.

The next race is in Hungary. Traditionally this is some sort of a
home race for us Finns, because there are so many fellow countrymen on
the grandstands. I’ll show up with a new rear wing, which worked really
well on Felipe’s car and there’s the possibility that we’ll have
further modifications. The F60 should run pretty well at the
Hungaroring with its many slow corners; furthermore the temperatures
should be slightly higher than at the weekend in Germany: it would be
great to gain another podium.

10 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: German GP Review

  1. Bless you Kimi!!! Keep flying! Hungary will be better!!!


  2. never give up Kimi! We keep the faith in you!let see what will bring Hungary! we will be there…


  3. Jean Christophe July 15, 2009 — 1:24 am

    wow he was underRev since lap 14. Nice job. Good luck on the next race. hmm wonder where the debris that damaged his car came from…….


  4. Yep. And on tv, they don’t talk about it (live timing, laptimes) especially regarding Kimi. If you read Soren’s great race review here, he points out that Kimi was on better pace than Massa: =————–Anyway, if we take everything into account, Kimis race was pretty good actually. Kimi had an ok start where he made up two places. He was then stuck behind Massa and Vettel who was stuck behind Kovalainen. And when I say stuck that is because he had no trouble in keeping up. At one point he dropped back a couple of seconds. But I believe that was to run in clean air and manage his tires. Something Massa was unable to do – which is why he was told to try and do so by Smedley on the radio.Proof of that came when Vettel pitted and Kimi had a couple of clean laps. Heres the laptimes:Kimi21 1:37.292 – Vettel pits at the end of this lap, after holding up Kimi.22 1:36.61623 1:36.983Felipe in comparison21 1:37.20022 1:37.41223 1:37.739———


  5. Hi Evenstar, I like the Kimi’s pictures that you have just posted in this space. It is kind of a good refreshment after a German GP 🙂 Lets move on guys & we know our hero ~ Kimi will NEVER give up as usual.


  6. Kimi is the gay who gives the F1 a reason to follow. Even when his race is a dissaster. Hopefully in Hungary better results, I will be there to like Marilyne (I ‘am from the Netherlands by the way…)


  7. I guess Johan meant ‘guy’ LOL. Anyways, here is the better column from Kimi in it’s original Finnish form, translated as always by the great Wolfie (Nicole):————-NOT EVEN WITH AN AX!Nürnburgring track seems to try me year after year. I don’t get any result even with an ax. That place has never digged this guy because I don’t seem to get to the finish line no matter what I do.Now it was difficult all weekend. We had some new pieces but we haven’t made any big progress since Silverstone. The car seemed to be okay but the weather made things with the tyres more difficult.The quali in different weathers was a real gambling game. What decided the most was that you were on the lane at the exactly right time. I went with a heavy car but could still have been more up with it.The race started reasonably. I was behind Ferlipe and got a feeling that we would both take good points. Then the Nürnburgring bad luck stroke again. Some stone broke the cooler’s systems.They told me to drop the rpms immediately but the power just vanhished and vanished. I couldn’t have made it to the finish line and that’s why I went to the garage before the encirclement went off.Then there was the sad thing with hitting Sutil. He came like straight from behind the tree to my side. I was looking for a line, he came from the pit and we hit. He lost his front wing. They are so wide that it happens easily. It was nobody’s fault. It’s just a coincidence that I have hit with Sutil two times.I was again left with no points. That really gets to me because they would have been important to the team when we haven’t been able to come up from the 4th place in the WCC. But what else can you do except once again go home with empty hands.It’s no use to worry. What’s gone is gone. Now we are putting again new stuff together and go back to the lane in Hungary. There both cars will have the wing that Felipe had in the last race. It helped and it will probably also help in Hungary.Hungary is a cool place. It’s a tradition that there are Ferrari- and Finland-flags everywhere. It’s like a Finnish GP for fans. It’s also the season’s second slower track and it should suit our car. In Monaco I was on the podium. A podium would be a great thing in Hungary too. / ENDExplanation:Not even with an ax – no matter how hard you try you don’t succeed.This guy – slang and mean ‘me’.———————–


  8. thanks Saima!! awesome as usual!! btw, i will not be physically in Hungary (though i would love to!!) for the next race but my mind will be there with Kimi for sure LOL!!so slower corners, new rear wing, still 200% faith in Kimi, i bet for a podium and even a win !!! 😀


  9. OMG, what a palava! I have just been on holiday for a week, so I was unable to watch the Grand Prix on Sunday. However, i recorded it to watch when i returned. I avoided the news, newpaper- everything- so I was sure i wouldnt find out the result. I turned the grand prix on today, only to be greeted with the commentators saying ”Now that Kimi is being replaced with Alonso next year….". I nearly had a heart-attack, and my heart sank. I didn’t really feel like watching the race after, but i did- only to see the Ferrari yet again fail due to reliability, leaving Kimi with no points! So I have just rushed onto here to make sure the rumour was true, and luckily, it isn’t!However, I still have my faith in Kimi- but I am losing faith in Ferrari, which is sad! They need to turn things around quickly. =( And I am praying he can achieve higher in the next grand prix!Keep Flying Kimi, no matter what!


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