Kimi’s Column: British GP Preview


There’s always lots of wind at Silverstone and it often rains, even
in the summer. The track conditions are changing extremely quickly so
that it’s difficult to find the right set up for the car. Usually, when
you’re leading in the Championship, you hope for stable weather
conditions, but this year it’s different and we try to consider this
variable part of the fun of racing in England.

For the first time we’re
racing at Silverstone without any prior test sessions. The Team
prepared some new solutions, which we will test on Friday morning: as
never before this year it’s fundamental to exploit the three free
practice sessions as much as possible. At Silverstone the performance
in the fast corners is very important, where you need a high aero
downforce. We hope that the new solutions will help us to improve in an
area, which brought us into difficulties in Turkey.

As I’ve said
several times before we need to be patient: we’re improving thanks to
the hard development work, but we’re still not able to fight for a win
against the Brawns. I’m extremely confident and I’m convinced that
after another couple of races we’ll have closed the gap between the
leaders and us. I know that this is what our fans want from us and
we’re giving it our all to succeed.

It will be a difficult British GP: a place on the podium would be a
great result. Form me this is a really significant track. This was
almost the starting point of my international career in the minor
Formula series and I always loved to race here. That’s why it’s a bit
sad that this should be the last edition of the race, but I have to
admit that I also really like Donington: I’ve won there too already. I’m confident of a good result in Silverstone this year – Ferrari have been working hard as Kimi has said, but they’ve got some significant updates and improvements which should give a better chance for a podium than in Turkey. I wish I was going this weekend to see Kimi one last time at the Silverstone circuit but I’ll always treasure the memories from the 2007 race weekend where he beat the McLarens from 3rd place on the grid and won in great style. Keep Flying Kimi!

6 thoughts on “Kimi’s Column: British GP Preview

  1. I hope he has a great race at Silverstone! I really think the car will be much better than it was in Turkey, where the car struggled around the quick corners, which there are a lot of at Silverstone! Like you say Saima, he won here in 2007- I would like a repeat of that race please!! :DKeep Flying Kimi


  2. hope too he will find improvements!always here for u Kimi!and all our thoughts are with u for this race!keep flying Kimi!!


  3. You are a fully confident lady


  4. I like the optimism Saima. But I will be more than surprised if Ferrari can fight for a podium here. But Kimi is obviously aiming for it, so I can only get behind that 🙂


  5. Kimi’s Finnish Column, translated by Wolfie! :)————-NOW I WILL ENJOY!This is now the last time when I drive with a F1-car in Silverstone. It’s sad, for real. I’ve got lots of good memories from there ever since I raced there with small cars. It’s a track where it’s cool to take the corners flat out.On the other hand I also won races in the Formula Renault -serie in Donington. That will also be a cool place next year.It’s windy in Silverstone and often it rains there too. If anywhere, in Silverstone the weather and the track changes all the time. You have to tune and tune there. If I would lead the championship I would hope for sure that wether it would shine or rain as it’s part of Silverstone I would still enjoy it with a hundred.It’s the first time there’s a GP in Silverstone when we haven’t had any tests beforehand. It just means that we have a big project ahead of us in the practice on Fri and Sat. You just have to hope that I get to drive all the time without any probs.We have quite a load of new pieces in the car. Based on the test and from what I’ve heard from the team we got positive feedback from the car. On Friday you’ll see how it starts running. The feelings are high, let’s hope now that the troubles I suffered from in Turkey have been eliminated in Silverstone.You’ll see the goals after we see how the car is running. It goes without saying that a podium would be an intense thing.The important thing here for the team is for us to get the gap to Brawn’s cars smaller.At least the battle goes on. The whole team is still putting 100 % in so that we get to the top battle and the feeling is that during the second part of the season – after 3-4 races – I fight again for the victory.I have a long history with Silverstone. Two years ago I won there with Ferrari. Last year I lost to the rain. Now I’m going to take in all the fun from this last time on this track.Even though I’m working I want to wish a happy Midsummer to all the Finns. Enjoy the summer and remember to watch the race too.——————-


  6. See U at Donington Park next year…luv Silverstone 2 :(:(


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