Kimi Visits Anton Alen For A Rally Ride…Sort Of!


Kimi Raikkonen turned up at the servicepark of the IRC Rallye
International du Valais in Switzerland, with his elder rallying brother
Rami, to visit Anton Alen.

Kimi couldn’t help himself but he had to have a sit in Alen’s Fiat
Abarth Grande Punto S2000. He looked really happy behind the wheel of a
rally car and has stated previously that he will go rallying when he
stops F1.

Raikkonen looks natural and happy behind the wheel of a rally car:

Raikkonen has recently been offered a test drive by Malcolm Wilson
in an M-Sport Ford Focus, though he hasn’t confirmed if this will

With Fiat making noises about joining the WRC in 2010 or 11 it would
be a tantalising prospect to have Kimi line up for them with Alen as
team-mate following in his father Markku’s footsteps. One can dream!

Watch the video featuring Raikkonen in Alen’s car at approx 1min 30secs into the clip.  Well, Kimi wasted no time at grabbing the opportunity to get into the driver’s seat of a rally car. I hope he does eventually race the thing in a few years time! And as mentioned in the KRS forum, it seems the idea won’t be too far from reality when Kimi calls it a day from Formula One. I’ve only just begun being in control at the wheel, having passed my first driving test today! Also, it’s Mrs Jenni Dahlman-Raikkonen’s birthday today, so happy birthday Jenni!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Kimi’s 2008 F1 season, as they will be published here later this week!

9 thoughts on “Kimi Visits Anton Alen For A Rally Ride…Sort Of!

  1. I’d love to see Kimi in a rally car.
    I hope he gets to test the M-Sport Focus! Seeing Kimi driving one of the best prepared rally cars in the WRC would be amazing. Kimi and Loeb, head to head. That’d be so good for rallying.
    Congratulations on passing your driving test!


  2. Congratulations Saima on passing your driving test!! 
    Kimi look really cute and happy in the white outfit :))  And I would also love to see Kimi driving a rally car in the future, I think F1 has become quite boring with all these requlations and rules….


  3. Congrats on the driving test Saima!! First time!!Is it just me that finds the comment "Raikkonen looks natural and happy behind the wheel of a rally car" a bit daft. What did they think he’d look like? Scared? Out of place in a car that looks more like your average road car than his usual work toy?Please! 😉


  4. CONGRATULATIONS SAIMA!!!! How did it feel? Did you enjoy it or were you a bit nervous? ;p I love driving!Happy birthday to Jenni as well.I´d love to see Kimi rallying in the future, he seems bound for it in my opinion…..rallying is more relaxed, you get more down and dirty, you´re always racing on the road and the driving is a bit more free-style (I think, don´t know much about rallying honestly…). So give it a go Kimster when you´re done with the F1 circus!!!Keep flying Kimi – Evenstar: you´re starting to fly!!! ;p


  5. Hahahaha, Nicki, you’re right. I found that sentence rather amusing too. I would have written the piece myself but didn’t have the time. Free-style is a good word for it Sol, I’d love seeing Kimi try this out as it’s a totally different skill.Thanks girls. I wasn’t nervous at all, Sol! The sun was shining, which probably helped keep me cool lol I enjoyed it for sure. I’m looking forward to driving more now 🙂 I love it too. And I LOLed at your comment about me starting to fly!


  6. Well done Saima – bet you have a big smile on your face !!!!!


  7. LOL! Glad to know you had fun! Driving is the best thing, feeling you´re in control of the car and…. just that, it´s a great feeling. If I had the guts it would be fun to try rallying, but I´d need a couple of lessons first LOL! Or maybe just as the co-driver (wouldn´t be good giving instructions either lol).(p.s: I´ll send you the summary + photo tomorrow;  I wrote the summary  last week actually but didn´t have the photo :p)


  8. Hey congrats Evenstar…have fun out there on the roads, don’t go flying too fast though! I would love to see Kimi rallying it is such a great sport*  but first lets keep him in F1 for a while please…I don’t want to lose him to rallying just yet. (*the reason I first fell in love with Finnish drivers if you must know…used to do some nav/co-driving way back when)


  9. i cant imagine if kimi  drive a rally car i think its fan to see him but rally race have no overtaking moves i just fighting  time just like qualifying not  excite me much just like watching him in f1 i really love to watching kimi do some overtaking moves and race and win..hehehe.blackcat was right i think lets keep kimi  in F1 firts and win more championship crown .=) keep flying kimi in brazil..


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