2008 Grand Prix of China: Kimi Takes 3rd In Disciplined Race

https://i0.wp.com/img233.imageshack.us/img233/2672/chiflagvv2.gif| Sunday, Race Day – Hamilton Wins From Pole, Kimi Gives Massa 2nd Place

https://i0.wp.com/img236.imageshack.us/img236/4755/nfetmfvohrgzhcbjpissr6.jpgLewis Hamilton will take a seven-point lead into the final round of
the world championship after dominating the Chinese Grand Prix.

McLaren driver Hamilton put his troubled Fuji race behind him by
controlling the Shanghai event throughout, while his title rival Felipe
Massa had to rely on Ferrari team orders to secure a distant second
place ahead of his teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

Hamilton had little trouble holding the lead at the start, and then
made an early break. Although Raikkonen was able to close slightly
later in the first stint, by that time he was four seconds adrift –
while Massa could not match either of the two leaders and was running
eight seconds behind when he became the first of the front-runners to
pit on lap 14.

Hamilton and Raikkonen stopped one lap later, with the Briton then extending his lead further in the middle stint.

By the time the final stops were due, Hamilton was nine seconds
clear of Raikkonen and 14 seconds ahead of Massa, so with no hope of
beating the McLaren on speed, Ferrari switched focus to getting their
title challenger in front of their outgoing champion.

Raikkonen’s pace gradually became more relaxed and with seven laps
to go Massa slipped past into the hairpin. But by that time, Hamilton
was 16 seconds ahead and on course for a dominant and hugely
significant victory.

Fernando Alonso finished fourth for Renault, unable to match the top
three this time but clear of the rest of the field. He briefly lost the
place to McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen through the first corners, before
repassing the Finn into the hairpin further around the opening lap.

Kovalainen then fell away from the Renault, although he might have
had a chance to strike back by running longer at the final stops had he
not picked up a right front puncture on lap 34. The slow lap back to
the pits for new rubber dropped Kovalainen to 15th and he eventually
retired with six laps to go.

The BMW Saubers completed the top six, with Robert Kubica using a
long first stint to gain ground from 11th on the grid. The Pole
finished close behind teammate Nick Heidfeld, but sixth was not
sufficient to keep him in the title hunt, which is now a two-horse race…(read full report here)


Pos Driver Team Time

1. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) 1h31.57.403
2. Massa Ferrari (B) + 14.925
3. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) + 16.445
4. Alonso Renault (B) + 18.370
5. Heidfeld BMW Sauber (B) + 28.923
6. Kubica BMW Sauber (B) + 33.219
7. Glock Toyota (B) + 41.722
8. Piquet Renault (B) + 56.645
9. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) + 1:04.339
10. Coulthard Red Bull-Renault (B) + 1:14.842
11. Barrichello Honda (B) + 1:25.061
12. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) + 1:30.847
13. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) + 1:31.457
14. Webber Red Bull-Renault (B) + 1:32.422
15. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) + 1 lap
16. Button Honda (B) + 1 lap
17. Fisichella Force India-Ferrari (B) + 1 lap

Fastest lap: Hamilton, 1:36.325

Not classified/retirements:

Driver Team On lap

Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) 50
Sutil Force India-Ferrari (B) 14
Trulli Toyota (B) 3

Good day everyone! It’s 10 in the morning here in the UK, so it’s nice
to have a race done and dusted so we can move on as soon as possible.
This was certainly an average race and it was hard to stay awake. But there are a couple of videos to download at the end of this post, for you guys.

The start was anti-climatic as I intially thought it might be, in my
post-qualifying comments. Kimi didn’t have a super start like he did in
Fuji but he maintained position. It was more on Hamilton’s behalf that
the start was as straight forward as possible. Kimi knew there would be
no need to get pushy, he knew his race strategy and he was indeed
heavier than Massa in qualifying. When Kimi’s been getting a lot of stick for his qualifying performance this year, no one cares when he outqualifies Massa twice in a row with more fuel.

Ferrari had the race all planned out and
they made sure the first two corners would not interfere with it. [Update 20th Oct]
Due to the current stupid debating of an apparent team order at China, let me clarify a few things to those accusing Ferrari and therefore Kimi of cheating on Sunday. When I said Ferrari had the race planned out already, that means it was agreed and discussed prior the race that Massa would need to finish as high as possible in order for his championship hopes to stay alive. Just as it was discussed within the team prior Brazil last year for Kimi to win the title. This is a fact. Kimi said on last Thursday that he knows what the team expects of him. Massa’s pass on Kimi at Shanghai was not a forced team order, it was not an unneccessary stunt. It was vital for the championship situation and therefore it was justified. Kimi did not unwillingly submit his position to Massa. Kimi ‘gifted’ 2nd place to Massa – there is proof in the lap timings. In fact, McLaren’s team order at Hockenheim at the German Grand Prix this year seems to be ignored. Kovalainen submitted his position to Hamilton despite being in an racing situation himself with other drivers. Not only did Kovalainen sacrifice position, it cost him an extra position and more points. Kovalainen wasn’t wasting his energy, waiting for Hamilton to come. Kovalainen was racing. But McLaren ordered Kovalainen to let Hamilton past. That’s different from letting Kovalainen continue his race and make Hamilton fight for his position. Hamilton was equal with both Kimi and Massa in the championship standings prior the German GP so it would have been preferred if he scored more than Massa but it wasn’t desperate. Yet McLaren pushed Kovalainen to the side anyway and have done since all year. At China, it was a must for Massa to score 2nd place so he can take on a challenge to Hamilton at Brazil, the season finale. There was a reason a few races ago that Kimi kept putting off saying to everyone that he’ll help Massa to win the title, despite not looking in good shape to win it himself. Unless it was mathematically impossible for Kimi to challenge for the title, then he’ll do his best to help Ferrari as a team. And Massa is his TEAM mate. Kimi, for the first time ever in his career, gifted a position to his teammate. And it wasn’t for ‘nothing’. Anyway, I think I’ve clarified it enough!

Massa’s race start was okay but he really wasn’t competitive at all during
the race, no matter ‘how strong’ he says he was, which was laughable in the press conference. His pace wasn’t as competitive as Kimi’s was to Hamilton.
Alonso and Kovalainen produced the main entertainment through the first
few corners, side by side. Kovalainen managed to jump ahead of Alonso
on the outside but Alonso being the feisty racer he is, didn’t back
down so easily and made a great show getting back infront of Kovalainen
on the first long straight on lap 1. That was that, then. Meanwhile
Trulli and Bourdais had a little tumble at the start. This really was
not the firework start most of the spectators were hoping for!

Obviously being the only competitive McLaren with Kovalainen in a
completely different world it seemed, Hamilton pitted first as Kimi did
on the same lap. Kimi set his fastest time around the first pitstop
period. I knew we wouldn’t see a better time from him then on. It was
really painful to have to see Kimi restrained. Granted the McLaren was
indeed the faster car at Shanghai this year, Kimi could have gone
further. He definately could have put some more pressure on Hamilton.
And the things Hamilton has done in the past, he deserved to have it
tough. But the better man in Kimi thought only of the team and wasn’t
arrogant and selfish in his race manner to Massa. Kimi wasn’t even
pushing as fast as he could, yet Massa was nowhere near him. Both
Ferraris had their engines on their second races so they were revved
down for the most part of the race. But I can’t help but feel…damn.
How embarrassing for Massa? And I don’t even want to waste my time
commenting on Kovalainen’s race. We saw the truth yesterday after
qualifying – he was angry. He didn’t care for helping Hamilton. McLaren
screwed Kovalainen over in his race strategy today. Okay, he had a
‘brake’ failure. But what on earth was his strategy about? He pitted
some 3 laps after Hamilton I think, and his stop was 10 seconds! 10
seconds people! And McLaren were coming out for his second pitstop
anyway, before Kovalainen had his brake/tyre failure it seemed. Perhaps
they thought they should fuel him to the end at the first stop because
of the brake issue? But that wouldn’t make sense either. It just puts
more weight and stress on the car, thus on the brake power. I don’t
care, he didn’t score any points and he might as well not be there. I
feel sorry for him. It was his birthday today too!

Anyway, it went down to the last 12 laps or so before Massa looked
anywhere near Kimi for the awaited ‘pass’. It was annoying to see the 6
second gap Kimi kept to Hamilton go down to 8 seconds when backmarker
Fisichella in his Force India wouldn’t move until the main straight.
But in hindsight, it didn’t matter at all as Kimi would finish 3rd
anyway. It was damn annoying though and we saw Kimi signalling at
https://i0.wp.com/img236.imageshack.us/img236/2522/race1wx4.pngas he passed to "get the hell out of my way, dude!" (watch the onboard video below). During
this phase of ‘waiting’, there were very few overtakings. The ones I
can only remember were from Webber and Coulthard fighting up through.
The BMWs had a quiet race but they did the best they could to score
some points. Sixth place for Kubica isn’t so bad after starting 11th.
Renault had a good race with Alonso, he must be very pleased with how
the end of the season is coming. Fourth place for the last race’s
winner isn’t bad at all and he was picking up Kimi while he had to slow
down to let Massa through.

Once the final pit stops were over, and Massa had stopped before Kimi
again, he still wasn’t close enough to pass straight away. Kimi wasn’t
going to get the fastest lap this weekend. He dropped about 5 seconds,
and although Massa was pushing as hard as he could, the ‘pass’ was
embarassing. Kimi wasn’t at full throttle on the straight even though
the pass happened before the braking area. But hey, it doesn’t matter
how it’s done in the end. Kimi put it simply that it was a ‘normal situation’. Massa needed those two extra points, and he’s
got them. I just want to say that at least last year Kimi was fighting and deserved the championship as a result.
At least at Brazil, when Massa did his part and let Kimi through to
take the lead after the pit stops, Kimi took the fastest lap and stayed
on pace the whole race through, not to mention passing Hamilton at the
start. Today was proof that Massa was never of the same calibre of Kimi. As harsh as that sounds, it’s true. If I were Kimi during the race, I would have been laughing. He had to drive the slowest he could, I think. It’s not really funny though, because Kimi damn well had the speed to win this year’s title too. Thanks anyway Ferrari.

Hamilton’s speed dropped too, and that’s no surprise. It dropped way more than it really should have. But when the Ferraris are 15 seconds behind and a silly mistake is not what you need, it’s better that you just cruise it home. It’s encouraging to see that there is perhaps some hope for Hamilton in the future. He’s still learning. It’s his second year in F1 people, let’s not forget. He’s still got lots to understand and the way he is racing is part of that. I can’t believe I’m almost complimenting him, but he did his job properly today. ITV showed the full press conference today which was a shock but since it’s all about Hamilton and the Ferraris not being good enough, ITV wanted to show off. Kimi’s body language when Massa was asked about the pass for 2nd said it all. Massa didn’t have much to say, poor lad. Kimi’s slight grin was hidden behind his glass of water. (I noticed it straight away – the advantage of following and analysing Kimi for 7 years, haha!)

Massa could have given thanks to Kimi though. I was expecting it at least a menton in the official Ferrari team press comments below but nope, no appreciation whatsoever from Massa or even Domenicali and Baldisserri. That’s such a shame, because Kimi deserved his 2nd place far more. But we all know that 2nd place and 3rd place don’t mean much to Kimi. Only winning does. And obviously Massa doesn’t feel very good that he’s being outperformed by Kimi at this important final stage. And he hasn’t won the title so perhaps that’s why he feels no need to thank Kimi. Still…there’s something called decency. Okay, Kimi knew already what the team were
expecting, it’s his job (albeit a ridiculous one) and he’s being paid
for it, but come on Ferrari? What’s with this cold shoulder it seems
you’re giving to Kimi lately? Oh I can’t be bothered, the car wasn’t
even good enough to fight for the win. So I’ll only care when that
happens. I’m sure Kimi feels the same.
Kimi, I said you were too good for McLaren and it’s becoming apparent to me that you’re also too good for Ferrari sometimes. I hope they realise you are indeed the better driver at least after this season.

https://i0.wp.com/img80.imageshack.us/img80/4183/krchinapodiumbe5.pngI’m already feeling guilty for being annoyed with Ferrari, they have after all managed to help improve the performance for qualifying and Kimi’s comfort. But that was the problem in the first place and they’ve fixed it too late. I understand they obviously appreciate what Kimi
did but what’s the harm in showing some support for him? Are they feeling thanking Kimi so openly would be
unneccessary feed for the media? Against Massa?
Probably. But how can they expect us fans to react like nothing happened when how they
did it was so hilariously embarassing for Massa anyway? They could at
least admit it. Mind you, I’m also thinking of Fuji when Kimi got the team back in the
constructors lead and they didn’t sound the least bit concerned on
Kimi’s race. Yes, because Massa’s the one in the title hunt. But the thing is, before they kept moaning about the team,
oh it’s all about the team, the teams best interests bla bla bla, yet they can’t express
their relief when Kimi actually becomes their hero in it all? Kimi’s saved the team’s championship and now he’s having to save Massa? Maybe I’m expecting
too much?
I have overreacted actually, sorry guys. I know Kimi isn’t
100% satisfied with himself this year either, so the team thanking him
for two points isn’t a big deal I guess. I’ll let the slightly frustrated fan in me settle down now.

I hope all the fans in Shanghai aren’t too upset for Kimi coming 3rd and not winning. He won there last year, so it’s okay. I’m sure you’ll be proud of him for doing the right thing. I am certainly proud of him! At least he thanked Massa 3 times at Brazil last year for helping out. Kimi did good for the team today. But he did good for himself too. So cheers to Kimi! It was great to hear our man receive the loudest cheer on the podium. It’s rare when a 3rd place driver receives a bigger applaud than the winner.

Hmmm…anything else to mention that I’ve forgotten? Oh yes, there’s one more race but you all know that. It’s at Brazil, in Massa’s home land and he remains in the title fight. Seven points behind Hamilton, the same gap Kimi had last year. But Alonso was also in the mix back then. McLaren would feel comfortable with a Ferrari 1-2, they just need to finish 4th to secure the title. Ferrari have to do everything they can for Massa but can Massa do what Kimi did last year? It’s his home grand prix and he’s always been super quick there but based on his recent performances and that Domenicali says they couldn’t even think of attacking Hamilton today, so I’m not so sure. And in that interview with Domenicali, he implies that Massa and Kimi will probalbly have cars to their exact likings for next year. Finally, that should make things clearer to judge. There’s going to be a new world champion on the 2nd November it will will be either the Hamster or the Mouse. I personally believe that neither deserve such a title simply because they’ve had far too many amateurish performances this year. Of course I’ll say that, being a Kimi fan and all, but it’s true. Kimi’s crashes at Monaco and Singapore weren’t needed but there you go but it wasn’t his racing behaviour or attitude that caused himself problems. We can go to Brazil with our heads up high. Keep flying Kimi!

https://i0.wp.com/img233.imageshack.us/img233/2672/chiflagvv2.gif| Race Quotes – Kimi: "Car not quick enough"

"We know what we want as a team and that is what we did. It is
normal in this situation," said Raikkonen of letting Massa through. "Today I had a very good car all the time, no major issues. The car
was handling quite nicely but unfortunately it was not fast enough.

"At the start Lewis pulled away a bit. I started to do the same
laptimes and every time I was faster it was too late. In the second
stop I was catching a bit, then got traffic and cost me a lot of time.

"Unfortunately we were second and third today but hopefully in the
next race we can challenge them a bit more. It was not easy and we gave
our best but it did not work out this time."

"Like I said, I know what the team expects and what we want, it is
racing, I have nothing to lose or win – I am driving for the team. It is a normal situation and I was pretty happy with how things
went in the race apart from that we could not challenge McLaren today.
"The car was not too bad but we just didn’t have the speed."

Official Ferrari Team Quotes

Felipe Massa – 2nd: "This is a great result for the
team, less so for me. Today’s race was a difficult one: we were not
quick enough to fight against Hamilton. Losing two points does not mean
that I have lost hope. I will continue to fight right to the very end
and I can’t wait to race in Interlagos in front of my home crowd: I
will try my luck there – it will be the first time for a Brazilian –
which will be a further incentive.

"There was no specific element that wasn’t working on my car. It’s
just that today it was impossible for me to win. I feel a bit as though
I’m in a penalty shoot-out in the football World Cup finals: we have
missed the first two shots, while the other team has scored and
therefore we cannot make any more mistakes and hope that they make
three. It will be very difficult, but not impossible as we saw last
year. The team is united and has faith: that is very important and nice

Kimi Raikkonen – 3rd: "Today I had a good car, but
it was not quick enough to beat our main competitor. At the start and
after every tyre change, Hamilton managed to pull away, while when it
got near to the pit stops I was able to go a bit quicker, but it was
always too late. On top of that, three times, I came up behind
backmarkers who cost me valuable time. We secured a very good result
for the Constructors’ classification.

"Now we go to Brazil where we must try and get a one-two finish and
then we can see where we stand in both Championships. Felipe passing
me? I am part of a team and I am well aware what they expect of me. I
am out of the title fight and have to do the maximum because Ferrari
can achieve both its objectives. It’s a simple as that."

Additional Press Conference Quotes

Q. (Bob McKenzie – The Daily Express) Kimi, as World Champion,
how tough is it to have to put in a lap that’s two seconds slower, for
your teammate to go past you?

KR: I’m not in a position to challenge for the championship.
I know what the team expects from me and I’m happy to try to achieve
the maximum points for the team, what we need. Unfortunately we missed
a few points today, overall. But like I said, it doesn’t make any
difference to my season.

https://i0.wp.com/img233.imageshack.us/img233/2672/chiflagvv2.gif| Videos: Full Race Press Conference
Capture: JJ (MTV3) | Size: 84.6MB | Duration: 11.16mins

Race Start Live
Capture: F1Michi | Size: 22.MB | Duration: 1.49mins

Fisichella Blocks Kimi
Capture: Mattzel89 | Size: 9MB | Duration: 0.30mins

Kimi Lets Massa Past
Capture: F1Michi | Size: 19MB | Duration: 1.32mins

Last Lap & Finish
Capture: F1Michi | Size: 15MB | Duration: 1.13mins

19 thoughts on “2008 Grand Prix of China: Kimi Takes 3rd In Disciplined Race

  1. Hi, I’m french and I can’t see the press conference do you know any sites where I could watch it ?
    thanks 😉


  2. I am sad,after the Chinese GP. Though not like the Iceman felt when the Singapore GP was over. He was sad because almost all this season things just turned against him no matter how hard he tried. He must have been helpless somehow back then, it is a feeling happened when you knew things would be over but when it really came, it still hurt, so much.
    He was sad for himself, for his 2008 season. BUT HE IS CLEAN, A CLEAN DRIVER.
    I am sad because you can do nothing but watch it fall, helplessly. I am even sadder for you have no other choice but to play it dirty, in order to, leave a slight of hope. like Ferrari did today. RIDICULOUS. 
    IT IS DIRTY! even without the ridiculous performance of their drivers. Raikkonen was desperately slowing down to play the open card everyone knows, Massa was awkwardly pushing to catch the tail of the last straw! It appeared that Hamilton WAS the only clean guy in top three. 
    I said after last year’s closing race that Kimi’s championship is ‘clean’ but not ‘perfect’. Since his winning would be based on some stupid performances from his rivals(mainly Hamilton) and a helping hand from other guys in front of Hamilton. I also defended his honor by saying that he COULD and DID beat his teammate fair and square in that crucial in-lap as he did several times that season. However, since there was some doubt left about Massa’s pace during these laps before Kimi’s 2nd pit stop, so I hoped Kimi would win it back sheerly clean this year. As Kimi said, this year is not ‘his year’, after so many things happened, he would have to regain his title next season.
    After Chinese GP, NO ONE DESERVES THIS YEAR’s TITLE ANYMORE. Hamilton is dirty, so is Massa and Ferrari.
    I am happy though that Kimi wouldn’t have to go on this endless torture as he suffered on today, at least for this season.


  3. Interesting views Xiaoyu, I tend to agree with you on the mannerism and the embarassment.@Bibou: I am sorry, I’m not sure why you can’t see the qualifying press conference? Doesn’t the download work in your country? Maybe search in YouTube for it.


  4. Massa should says thank you to Kimi…..


  5. Thanks for beautiful videos!!!! Very very good job!!!!
    Always keep flying Kimi!!! 🙂


  6. I guess all I can say is I’m proud of Kimi.  Only goes to show that he’s loyal to his team and that he knows how to pay it back.  I still think what happened this race is totally different from what happened in Brazil last year, though.Kimi, you’re a great guy!  We’re proud to be your fans.


  7. Hi, Saima! I am just back from the circuit. We are all proud of Kimi. It was a shame that he could have fight for the win if the situation was different. I knew Kimi was going to let Massa pass him after second stop. I am really annoyed of this, but I have to accept. We gave Kimi the biggest applaud (I was screaming out of breath), because he deserves. I hope Kimi heard his fans. I hope he knows that we are proud of him.
    In terms of Massa, well,he is the poor guy I would say. That is the reason why Ferrari did not mention Kimi’s help in their official team quotes. F.Massa is too weak to infront of the turth that he is so slower than Kimi, even in qualifying. But he is the one who is in the championship, so Ferrari have to protect this ‘weak baby’, this is the only way they can win the WDC.


  8. Proud is indeed the only word that comes to my mind…..Kimi is a true sportsman and he did what he had to….so hats off to him……it was just another demonstration  of the amazingly fair driver he is….and I agree with everyone here, that the way Kimi si helping Massa has nothing to do with the way Massa "helped" him last year, Kimi didn´t need thaaat much help, he won races all by himself in the end and he only needed that "helping hand" in Brazil….And it was so pathetic
    watching Massa limp, literally limp through those few laps to pass
    Kimi, pathetic! And I´m upset too that they´re not acknowledging the
    effort he´s doing for the team…..Massa was rubbish today, I seriously
    doubt he´ll win the championship in Brazil(he doesn´t deserve it
    either!), but he has the exact point deficit Kimi had last year, so he
    would need to win and Lulu to finish 7th or lower….I seriously doubt
    that will happen, he can win for sure in Brazil, but Hamster won´t
    finish so far down the grid, unless something happens to him, because
    he really did shut everyone up with his performance today!


  9. I was really, really proud of
    Kimi today. As much as I would have preferred him to win the race he
    did everything he could (except win, but as everyone has said –
    including Kimi – unfortunately today McLaren had the better car, and dammit Lulu drove it really well too…) I don’t think that his drive was embarassing for him, sure he wouldn’t have liked to do what he did, but he did it without being
    a lesser driver, he showed us that he had the drive, and the will and
    skill to take it on, and he showed in his own special way that he does
    indeed outdrive Massa. He also showed what team spirit is all about, he
    did what he had to do, and although I am sure it wasn’t easy for him to
    do, he did it well and without any hidden agendas or stupid fake
    reasons, he showed he can be a true sportsman. 

    I was more pi**ed off with the post race press conference. Seriously why harp on it? What did
    they want the guys to say? Yes we did it on purpose? As if. I mean with
    all the current penalties being thrown around for no good reason why
    would anyone risk (either driver or team) putting it all at risk by admitting to any sort of team orders when under the
    rules they are not allowed? I am sure the team orders said not to say anything about team orders! This goes for the thank yours as well, it just isn’t the right time just yet. I would have thought
    the same thing if it had been another team as well, better to play it safe and quiet. Like I said on the forum if, at the end
    of the season no matter what the result, Massa doesn’t come out and publicly thank Kimi for the support given to him in the
    final races of the year, I think I may

    I hope Ferrari up their game as well, they have been pretty harsh on Kimi lately, all gushy over Massa, especially the post Japan team
    comments, where they almost indicated that Kimi wasn’t trying. This race the comments are not so bad, but where are the glowing acknowledgments of how well he did?

    As for who will win the Championship, erk, what a choice. It really hurts me to say this but I sort of hope (argh, now I have said this twice, I don’t believe it) Lulu does it, if only that then Massa will not be No.1 at Ferrari (not that being no. 1 helped Kimi a lot eh?) and Kimi can get on with his racing. Kimi we are all so proud of you, not only did you toe the line today you did it with pride and total sportsmanship, and despite them trying to get you to say something to the contrary you did it as usual in your diplomatic and truthful way.   Truly flying.


  10. I agree with Blackcat, I don’t think that was an embarrassing drive for Kimi, it was an embarrassment for Massa. Granted, I don’t think Kimi made it easy for Massa to catch him, but then why should he? If Massa’s not got the pace it’s not Kimi’s fault, and it was almost painful to watch, which is why I think Massa didn’t thank Kimi, he knows it was extrememly obvious and took probably far longer to complete than Massa would’ve liked. But Kimi was the ultimate team player today, and I don’t really blame Ferrari, I knew when Kimi didn’t get past Hamilton at the start that he would have to let Massa through at some point unless he fell off the island or had a problem, and only continued to watch the, rather boring, race in the hope that it might happen. It’s not just Ferrari that have utilised team orders in this way, BMW did it earlier this year in Canada and gave Kubica the win by making Heidfield move over for him, gifting Kubica his first win over Nick. And Mclaren did it in 1997 at Estoril, making DC move over so Hakkinen have his first win, it’s the way it goes unfortunately and if it’s for championship points it’s more crucial. No it’s not Kimi’s fault that he’s not in a position to challenge for the WDC this year, but Ferrari do have to put their strength behind the guy who does, it would be stupid of them not to.I have been saying for a while that I’d rather see Hamilton win the title this year (even if it means I have to go into hibernation in the UK for a month until the press get it out of their system!) as I’d rather Kimi held the psychological upper hand again on Massa next year. Not to mention that no matter how much I hate Hamilton when he opens his mouth, he is a bloody good driver and in my opinion has done more good driving over this season than Massa who can only win from the front row of the grid.And I also noticed that Kimi got the loudest cheer on the podium, that made me smile so much! Hopefully it was a bit of a psychological dent to the egos of Massa and Hamilton!!


  11. I completely agree with Nicki about Lulu winning WDC this year and Kimi remaining psychologically stronger over Massa, but still……it´s going to be painful to watch, read and hear! And I live thousands of miles away from the UK!!! Personally I just want to wait until Brazil, and then whatever happens, happens……..;p


  12. Oh dear…did you guys think I meant Kimi’s drive was embarrassing? Heck no! I meant Massa! Who said Kimi’s race was embarrassing?!Thanks for the examples on team play Nicki, you’re right. And we for sure have no problem here admitting Hamster’s talent, he definately has more spark than Massa, I agree. And I stick by my choice of who I want to win the title, it has to be Hamster. I don’t want Kimi having to face another ‘clueless’ approach next year by Ferrari regarding their drivers.The fans at China, one has already posted here (Icyice, thanks girlie! *big hugs*) did a great job giving all that support to Kimi. He loved it, he doesn’t need to show it, but he loved it.


  13. I agree guys – Kimi was amazinly cool,  I was watching the live timing when Kimi slowed down to let Felipe pass him, at one point I thought Kimi was gonna have to stop and have a vodka red bull to get the job done!!!!!!!!!  But bless  Kimi was still smiling in the press conference I think he was amused/bemused by the situation. 
    I am looking forward to 2009 and what Kimi will do.


  14. sure that what happens now doesn’t look like what happened for Kimi last year! and sure Massa will not be able (and don’t deserve too) to take the tittle, he isn’t strong enough!
    i’ve got pity on him, look at him during the press conference, he could just look down, his result and the way he got it is not really glorious! contrary to our Kimi who looked right in front of him with his ease and self confidence, totally relax! he knows he can be proud of him, and finally is ok with the situation, always looking forward! a real champion! and what a smile!!! he enjoys life above all! he’s so great! and tough so humble!
    i accept all and i’m not sad, what happened this year doesn’t matter anymore, we’re near the end, that’s already the past and i just hope Kimi will have fun anyway in Brazil and i just wait for next year without watching too much news about F1 and the winner…


  15. I was actually glad that Kimi let Massa pass today, it was like Kimi pay Mass back the favour so from now on he does not owe him any more.  I remember last year in Brazil Massa said he really wanted to win in front of his home crow… and the way he said it sounded like he made great sacrifice for Kimi…
    I agree with BlackCat, I think they should not talk about team order in public and I really hope the press will stop asking all these stupid questions.
    I also noticed Kimi’s slight grin hidden behind his glass of water… I’m sure he probably laughing inside when Massa said "I push… so I was able to pass Kimi…."  Yeah right 😀
    Hope that Ferrari can sort out their issue with the car before Brazil otherwise I can’t see how can they compete with McClaren with this kind of pace.  I just want to see Kimi enjoy his last race in Brazil….so Keep Smiling and Flying Kimi!!


  16. There is one thing I have to mention. I met a Kimi fan from Australia named Mark yesterday. He is working for Auto Magazine (CN), and he interviewed Kimi after qualifying. He told me that Kimi and Domenicali are very close. This surprised me a little bit, because I thought Domenicali was more close with F.Massa. Ferrari team has been being a kind of mystery for me. Sometimes what they do or what they say make me wonder if they know Kimi’s value at all. But Kimi says he like the red team, and people can go into the pit lane all tell me that Kimi are very close with Ferrari members. Well, if they like Kimi more, then why can’t they show us?


  17. im not surprised  about the race kimi is a real teammate and a man who follow and a good sportsman not like hamilton so hardheaded..hehehe…keep flying kimi ur still the #1…..


  18. I’m also proud of Kimi so much after yesterday race. I always proud of him, but yesterday he show us about what the team work really are. Massa is not deserve for that second place, but Kimi have to give it anyway for the team. I’m not annoyed by the team order, but I feel really annoyed with Massa’s performances yesterday. Kimi actually not driving as he usually did. His car maybe not as good as McLaren but I believe that he will able to do something more. But, because in order to help Massa, he stay in second place. For me, he was driving quiet slow (I mean, he driving so relax to compare with his real speed). And still, Massa can’t catch him up. At the end, it have to be Kimi who slowing down to let him through. So pathetic.
    I can’t believe that I said this, but hamster will win the WDC. The only reason why he can’t make it last season after make a lot of ridiculous mistake in Brazil is because of Kimi. He afraid with Kimi, especially when kimi pass him in the first corner. He getting panic and you know what happen then. First time I realizing his fear to kimi was in malaysia last season. I almost can saw him shaking in his car when Kimi getting closer in the last stint. And you can to feel how releave he was when the race finally over. Recently, that fear is show up in Fuji. He’s panic (like always) when kimi pass him right after the light off. And you all know what he did then. Now, Kimi no longer threat him in the championship, so he can to relax. I guess the team also ask him to relax. ‘It just Massa, let him won the race, just stay in the top 5 and you will be the world champ.’ God, I hate that. But if i have to choose between these two guys, I choose hamster. Both of them are not deserve to be WDC, but hamster did deserve it more than Massa (I can’t believe i just said that!).
    This season is going so bad ’til I feel so happy that it will ended in just 2 weeks. Kimi will be better in next season and get back the tittle in his hand. We always pray for his best. Ferrari should realize their mistake right now. If they want a glory like what they had in Michael’s era, they should focus on kimi. Massa is good with Michael teach him anything, but Kimi is still far away ahead him. Driving technic can be learn, but you can’t learn fighting spirit from someone else. You have to find it by your own. Something that Massa doesn’t have yet while we all know that Kimi is the real fighter out there. Keep flying Kimi!


  19. Hi all! Haven’t had chance to read all the posted comments or Evenstar’s review of the race as I am on holidays and short of internet time and access. But, I manage to time my holidays to watch the race on Sunday. It was a BORING race, for sure!
    It was laughable when Felipe finally was given way by Kimi. The only joy I noticed  when Kimi was asked during the press conference what he thought about the overtaking move by Felipe, he cracked an adorable smile and you can see he found it funny as well! It wasn’t really an overtake, more a "after you" move.
    Anyway, let’s enjoy the last race of the season in about 2 weeks’ time.
    Bye from Chiang Mai, Thailand! 


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