F1 GP Highlights: Bahrain

The race had those dramatic first few laps but then excitement died down once it looked like Ferrari ran away in the distance, but BMW kept close and it was definately a great weekend for them in that sense. For Hamilton, it was a nightmare and a race to forget as he scored no points. For Kimi, he had the comfort of gaining the championship lead despite feeling a little bit empty after coming second to teammate Massa. Still, an interesting weekend so it should really be highlighted here.

Well, it was during Saturday night, when I was feeling a bit high and happy, that I spontaneously let you guys know that I’ll make the Bahrain GP highlight video! But I only started making it yesterday evening, and suprisingly here it is with no major technical problems! I’m glad the Malaysia video wasn’t the last of KRS (I admit I panicked because I’ve been busy and quite stressed.) I had some free time yesterday and had fun making it…I hope you enjoy it too (if the download works properly.)

Size – 54.29MB
Duration – 6.24mins
Music tracksOfra Haza – Im nin’ alu (full mix), Kelly Rowland – Work (Freemasons Arabic Remix)

*New Megaupload Download here
Mediafire Download here

(not working?
click here for direct download or try again later when a new megaupload link is posted later, sorry for the inconveniences!)


4 thoughts on “F1 GP Highlights: Bahrain

  1. Hello!
    First I want to say I love your Space. I am here every day and always I find what I need. Other thing why I am writing here is one problem. I love your videos of GP´s but I can´t download this one. If I click on the "download" it start play not saving to the computer. What I have to do? Thankx


  2. Hi Angella, thanks for visiting and your kind words.The download link is working, try again by opening this link in another window: http://www.mediafire.com/?1n5mdgd4zn4 or, you can try a direct download by right clicking on this link and click ‘save target/link as’. Hope that’s helped!


  3. I think you have the best videos which I saw! I and my sister love them and we watch them very often. Go on with your work and please don´t stop 😉
    It is working now 🙂


  4. I’m really happy you don’t stop making the videos!And,I think that all fans of kimi will support you forever!
    But,it’s will be more prefect if there is no strange sounds such as laughing . Perhaps my view can not to represent all the visitor’s, and maybe you can just overlook it. I just want you can not stop. And last I’m much obliged to you!


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