F1 Racing Scans – May

Here are some exclusive magazine scans of Kimi related things in the May issue of F1 Racing. And to my delight, the magazine also featured Kimi and Jenni’s new Tag Heuer advert, promoting Kimi’s very own sunglasses, the SpeedWay special edition, which he has designed and check out the New TAG Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date Chronograph Kimi Räikkönen Limited Edition watch.

Okay, enough about Tag Heuer! Let’s see what has been written and joked about, like Kimi’s reaction to the Bahraini ‘champagne’,  and a Lewis VS Kimi analysis by Peter Windsor (But after reading his previous one which was an excuse to flatter Hamilton, why do we need another one?). This issues controversial cover is about the Top 100 Greatest F1 drivers of all time, and suprisingly to most (not us fans of course), Kimi is ahead of two time world champion Alonso (12th) and most successful rookie ever Hamilton (15th). Kimi is ranked in 7th place, just ahead of compatriot and two time champion Mika Hakkinen. Number 1 isn’t Michael Schumacher (2nd) but Ayrton Senna!



(Sorry for the blur on some scans)

1 thought on “F1 Racing Scans – May

  1. THANKS SAIMA!!! Very interesting scans, I really appreciate it since I don´t get this magazine in my country.


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