Kimi in Italy: Interview Onboard F430!

The fastest interview with Kimi you’ll ever see – not verbally (although he seems very chatty when driving!), but as he drives a Scuderia Ferrari 430 in Fiorano, Italy, last Sunday.

Size – 11MB
Duration – 1.59mins
Download here

(Interviewed by Antonio Paniccia – thanks to TaniaS of Kimi’s Official Forum for the information.)

Kimi talks about his parents dedication to his talent which began at a very young age – Paula and Matti Raikkonen decided to save money for Kimi’s early career in karting and not for a proper lavatory at home. He speaks of the first time he drove a car at 10 years old and to be a driver was an absolute passion for him and it was his dream to be at the top of motor-racing.

Kimi says despite his nickname being the ‘Iceman’, he immediatly fell in love with the Ferrari team. He likes working with them and winning for Ferrari is special as there are a lot of fans around the world.

Inevitably asked about Michael Schumacher, Kimi thinks he is a great champion and a nice person; Michael will always be one of the Ferrari family and he offers all he can to help the team to win again next year.

Regarding racing on the roads, Kimi is less aggressive if someone overtakes him and especially when they’re causing trouble, he doesn’t respond to them. Kimi believes there is no sense to take risks. On the circuit, however, he doesn’t want to be overtaken. 

Kimi often leaves driving his wife, the Iceman saying he has faith in her skills, and like most other women, she drives better.

Caschi d’oro Event with Ferrari

Kimi gets an award and is interviewed again, and there are also photos of the event shown in the link above. Capture of the video by TaniaS.

Size – 11MB
Duration – 1.30mins

Download here

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