Kimi and Jenni Attend Independence Day Gala

img339/4571/13in1.pngFinland’s President invited the F1 World Champion and his wife among many guests to the country’s Independence Day gala yesterday evening.

Kimi and Jenni were ‘paparrazed’ as they waited in the long queue extending to the outside of the building in Helsinki.

Kimi was not too eager to chat to the interviewers as he riposted questions, slowly pulling his wife by hand along the queue.

The F1 world champion having been dressed in a penguin outfit,
Jenni made up for it with a simple yet very classy black sequin dress and the
couple complimented eachother hand in hand.

Then finally, the glamourously clad pair greeted the President and spent the rest of the evening mingling with the guests, among them fellow motor-sportsman Marcus Grönholm.

Soon time came for dinner and during the their meal, Kimi was again approached by reports to whom he responded annoyingly "Could you let us eat in peace?" Jenni had to take over yet again and chat to the bemused media.

Asked whether he will dance or not along with all the couples, Kimi responded to interviewers that someone else may dance with the beautiful ex-Miss Scandinavia.

It’s quite a busy week for
the Finn with testing in Jerez earlier this week. Also, the FIA Gala is being
held in Monaco tomorrow evening and the world champion will be collecting his first ever F1 championship trophy, so Kimi and his wife left early to get
enough rest.

Nonetheless, Kimi and Jenni seemed to have enjoyed themselves and Jenni is expected to attend the FIA Gala too.

On their way home, as they left the event around 9.30pm, Kimi is asked "What did you say to the President?" and Kimi answered "Hi."

Videos of the Event (Full Credit to AzShadow)

Kimi & Jenni Arriving at the Event (3 videos)

Kimi & Jenni Meet The President
Watch on YouTube


Interview with Kimi and Tero Pitkämäki (2007 Gold Medalist in Javelin)
Watch on YouTube


MTV3 Interview with Kimi


The Couple Leaving


4 thoughts on “Kimi and Jenni Attend Independence Day Gala

  1. may i ask u if there’s any download link for the complete independance day album?


  2. The photo album? I think there’s an option to download the full album on the side of it, no? I’ll upload a download link anyway 🙂


  3. Dear Saima:
    u r so kind !!!
    Thanks a lot !!
    I just can’t wait for ti see the video about The FIA GALA 2007…..waiting for ur upload….


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