Special: Brazil GP 2007 Highlights Video | 400+ Photos

I know it’s been a long wait. Alas, through all the preparing, planning and computer problems, it is finally here! Being an extra long movie,
I hope you get your popcorn and drinks ready to sit back and enjoy
going through the weekend where it all came right for Kimi! Who knows, maybe even Kimi himself can watch it now that he is free – and personally, I wish he could see these videos about his debut season at Ferrari, especially this one! Cheers to him.

Size – 167MB
Duration – 18.30mins
Sendspace Download Link
Megaupload Download Link

Mediafire – Low Quality (84MB) Download Link
I highly recommend to watch it in it’s proper dimensions and not in low quality, so if the other files are too big and unable to download I have the video split into three parts:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Or just watch it in three parts on YouTube or in one whole video at Dailymotion!

And if you have a bit more of video adrenalin left, take a look at Part 1 of The Rising of Kimi.
It goes through Kimi’s career in F1 from Sauber to McLaren and ends
when he left the silver team for Scuderia Ferrari – part 2 will be
about Kimi’s story at Ferrari, the ups and downs but ultimately his
success and will be shown before the end of this year!

The Kimi Raikkonen Space was the only fansite to follow Kimi’s debut Ferrari season in Grand Prix highlight videos of every single race, sharing over 100 photos of the race weekends and the latest news. Thanks to all the visitors for creating KRS to be so successful in 2007!

The Kimi Raikkonen Story in Pictures

This includes over 400 photos of Kimi through his karting, F3 and Formula Renault days up to his extraordinary F1 debut at Sauber to becoming world champion at Ferrari.

Full credit goes to Tamusz, for kindly sharing these for our pleasure. Download = Please click on the links which are divided into 5 separate parts!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

16 thoughts on “Special: Brazil GP 2007 Highlights Video | 400+ Photos

  1. its really amazing


  2. Thanks!The music tracks used are (in order):Jesper Kyd – Hitman II soundtrackHarold Kloser – The Day After TomorrowDario G – World Cup SambaSystem F – Out of the BlueU2 – With or Without YouThe OST of LotR – The Return of the KingLudovico Einaudi – I GiorniU2 – Pride


  3. Isn’t there a mediafire link? I can’t download it via those two links!!
    I’ ve already dowloaded all the video you made for this season. I really apieciate them!
    An it’s really an honor to know you!


  4. Isn’t there a mediafire link? I can’t download it via those two links!!
    I’ ve already dowloaded all the video you made for this season. I really apieciate them!
    An it’s really an honor to know you!


  5. Hi Joy, I will upload it to mediafire – however, the quality won’t be as good because the video will be compressed to a smaller size (mediafire only allows videos under 100MB). Don’t worry, you’ll be able to download it soon!


  6. Both links are ok, i already dowloaded and enjoyed it several times


  7. Yes, but for people in China the some websites don’t work properly.


  8. All right! Thanks a million!
    And if I still can’t dowload it, will it be ok if you send the video to me through E-mail?
    My address is 676729910@qq.com!
    Thank you again!!!


  9. Sure, no problemo 🙂


  10. Great! I’ve been able to download it now! It’s really, really so kind of you! And the video is excellent! Thanks!
    I know making this new link actually brings numbers of troubles, but just as you’ve said, this smaller size one is surely in a poor quality. So Would you do me another faver to send it to me through E-mail? I know I’ve brought you lots of trouble these days, but  I really, really want it !!
    Ok? Thanks!! Thanks!!
    I’ll be waiting for your good news!!!


  11. Perfet! The combination work is done! It’s perfect! Haha!


  12. What a fantastic video clip…(Y)
    Btw, may I know the music track during the race press conference?. I believe you’ve missed out the music track 🙂
    It’s after Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni…the second last tack before U2-Pride.
    Thanks alot…
    Kimi…you are the best..huhu:)


  13. Cheers Gary!The music you speak of is actually part of the same track used in parc ferme: The OST of LotR – The Return of the King


  14. This is the best vedio i have never seen. Thank U to share it with us. Hope Kimi can keep flying whatever highs and lows. Thanks!


  15. Hey,
    Good job well done! I missed this race and was looking all over for the highlights… Thanks a lot


  16. Well done!


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