Kimi ‘in love with Formula One’ again


All hugs and smiles – it’s Kimi living the dream at the Scuderia Ferrari team
Kimi Raikkonen says he has ‘fallen in love again’ with Formula One
after winning the world championship last week in Brazil, as he begins
a lengthy holiday before resuming testing in December.

The Finn appeared in Mugello on Sunday and took his championship
winning F2007 car for a demonstration run in front of 30,000 adoring

"It seems I can’t stop smiling," he told Ferrari’s official website.
"Wherever I go there are people who congratulate me. It seems that
everybody in Italy is as happy as I am!

"Wednesday in Maranello was wonderful, when we celebrated the wins
of the two championships with everybody from the Scuderia. But I have
to say that yesterday in Mugello was even better – in front of
thousands of fans and numerous Ferrari clients.

"When I was going to the race track in Tuscany, I remembered the
first time I drove a race car, back when I was driving in the Formula
Renault, and then my first race in Formula One with Peter Sauber.

"I remember these feelings, but it is really something else driving
the car, with which I just won the championship, here at Mugello: it
was like a second triumph.

"I was really happy and very proud being part of the Ferrari family
when I saw all the fans celebrating. Thank you all so much, with all my

Raikkonen, who will not join Ferrari at Barcelona when testing
begins in mid-November, said he looks forward to getting some much
needed relaxation – although he admitted he will find it hard putting
Formula One aside.

"Now I’m on holiday," said the 28-year-old, who went to Helsinki on
Sunday night to celebrate his title with wife Jenni and close friends.
"I’ll try to chill out as much as I can and charge up my batteries.

"I drove almost every week during the last season and now is the time to think of something else than four wheels.

"I’ll try to forget Formula One a bit, but that will be difficult.
This year was really special to me. I can say that I fell in love again
with this sport.

"I won’t go to the tests in November in Barcelona, but I might be
back on the track in December. It will be great to start my second year
with Ferrari now that I won the title.

"It will be a new challenge, even more exciting, because I want to feel this joy again, one more time!"

Evenstar ~ And hopefully you will experience more great times ahead Kimi. Enjoy your holidays – you definatly deserve to have the best time after turning around a tough season!

4 thoughts on “Kimi ‘in love with Formula One’ again

  1. NICE!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooo glad that Kimi is happy & he’s more relaxed than ever before, which is great….. I’m now convinced that the "HE DOESN’T TALK MUCH" thing was because of other reasons & not because of his character alone….. Infact, I remember him commenting much earlier in the season that Ron was a control freak….. anyway, never mind all that – Kimi is the reason I watch F1 & he is the reigning WDC!!!!!!!! woooo-hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & btw, Saima – once again, I must thank you for all your work – it has enriched & lifted my F1 watching experience…… THANKS!!!!!!


  2. btw, is there a way to obtain a video of that F2007 demo in Mugello????? & I was curious as to what this "Ferrari World Finals" was all about – I’ve never heard of it before but frankly, all I care about is watching Kimi do his thing in an F1 car!!!!!!!!


  3. Hi!Yeah, here are some vids from the event: to AzShadow and TaniaS from the Official forum 🙂


  4. Thanks Saima….. I’m downloading it now….. Thanks, again!!!!!!!!!


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