Robertson : Kimi will get stronger

mjskimi.png picture by SaimaAzam

Kimi Raikkonen’s manager David Robertson is convinced that the Finn can only get stronger in 2008 after clinching his first championship.

Robertson believes that having now faced the challenges of adapting to a new team and tyres, as well as joining Ferrari immediately after the end of the Michael Schumacher, Raikkonen will be even harder to beat next season.

"This is a great team," Robertson said. "It is the first time Ferrari have won in three years, so for Michael to go and all these top guys to go and to win again is great.

"Everyone was telling us we had made the wrong decision, but the only one that we were really, really concerned about was Jean Todt. I am a total believer in him, and I know the way he works. He works harder than any of these guys up here.

"So if they have the car next year, Kimi will be unbeatable."

After seeing Raikkonen cause a shock by clinching the title in Brazil, Robertson said he thinks his driver was a more worthy winner than Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton.

"To be honest with you, and not just because I’m his management, but the best man won," Robertson said.

"He would have won but for retirements in the past, and if he would have not had the two failures on the Ferrari this year, it would have been over even before we got here.

"But getting used to the tyres, a new team and all that and still doing it is great. The good news is that you have got a great British driver, who will grow, but he didn’t deserve it this year – in my book anyway."

Robertson said he believed that the Monaco Grand Prix, where Raikkonen crashed in qualifying, marked the turning point of his season.

"He deserved it, he was the man in the last half of the season. I think that his turning point of the season was Monaco. Although that was a mistake, we already saw that he was getting used to those tyres and he felt really confident after that.

"He went to Canada and everything started to come together. The team trained him on these tyres and they are a great team."

4 thoughts on “Robertson : Kimi will get stronger

  1. Hi Evenstar! I’m CyAngel, the webmistress of Raikkonen Italia.
    First of all congratulations for the space! I like it so much! and there are so many things you can’t find in another places. In fact I come here so often for watching what there is new!
    And then, well… I cannot believe again Kimi is World Champion! He has done us a big gift!!!
    By the way, I’m here for asking you two things: First, I love so much the picture of this post! It’s wonderful! Can I ask you what program have you used for doing this effect?
    And then, I try to explain you (sorry for my English but I know it’s not so good). Before the starting of the season I promised that if Kimi would have win the Championship, I will do the tattoo of the sun he has on his wristle. Then he changed it with the big one. Now I have promised it and I have to do it, but the sun hasn’t "sense" no more now, and the big one is too much big for me!! So I’d like to do the "logo" he has upon his helmet. But I’ve searched everywhere for a photo where I can see it well, for "reproducing" it and take it to a tattoo center. Well I’m asking you because I saw that the logo of you Space is that one, and so I thought that for reproducing it you have maybe used a picture where you can see it perfectly.
    If it’s not a problem for you, can I ask you if you have that photo if you could send it to me?
    I’m so sorry for asking you this thing, but I really don’t know where I can search for it, and I have to realize my promise! 😛
    Thank you so much, and sorry again!


  2. Hi Cinzia!Thanks
    for your comments! Wow, I’m sure his tattoo is a bit extreme even for
    the biggest fan hehe! The image on the blog  is made by someone else
    called ‘mjs’, he is very good at design. Here is the original image –
    which was a wallpaper for celebrating Kimi’s championship >>> ImageAlso, here is a representation of Kimi’s helmet logo on this wallpaper:


  3. Hi!
    Thank you very very much for your help! I will use for sure the image you have given to me for my tattoo!
    And Mjs’ design is simply wonderful!
    Thanks again and congratulations for your space, and also for the new wallpapers you’ve done for the championship (I’ve just see them into the forum!) that are wonderful!


  4. Hi Evenstar
    first of all "GREAT SITE"
    i like the pic of kimi bij mjs but the link doesn’t work. by any chance u got the image yourself?
    even on google i could not find  the  image.
    hope u got it
    greetings mark


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