Turkey GP Video & Wallpapers!

Bit of a delay on this one, sorry guys! I hope you like it, as the
Turkish GP weekend was bitter-sweet for Kimi. Enjoy the racing, though little
of it we had!

Size – 68MB

Duration – 8.33mins
Direct download link –


Here are some great wallpapers for your desktop from the Turkish Grand Prix, use them each day until the next race at Monza lol

1280- 1                     1280- 2                   1280- 3                   1280- 4                    1280- 5
                   1280- 6            

3 thoughts on “Turkey GP Video & Wallpapers!

  1. ~...» »(°özgє°)« «...~ August 31, 2007 — 1:15 pm

    WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW what a fantastic video about Turkish GP. I Just enjoy it. Wow Well done Darling Saima! This is one of your best videos. I Love every Video from you. Really really gooooood =)See you soon Darling >>>>Özge<<<<


  2. Thanks!It’s a bit of a relief not hearing the Homer Simpson screams and shouts and laughs eh? Do you guys find them funny? Please comment on the vids and feel free to criticize, so I can improve them in the future 🙂


  3. ~...» »(°özgє°)« «...~ September 2, 2007 — 10:53 am

    No Worry Darling with your videos i don´t can criticise your videos. It´s soooooo Great Further in such a way. Even my Family found the video Great. And also the the Turkish Wallpapers ;-)>>>>Özge<<<< See you soon DarlingÖzge (Germany)


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