Kimi Raikkonen 2019 Trailer | Evenstar Edit

I found myself missing editing videos again and so I started working on this mini-trailer on Saturday (yesterday). But I regret not setting up myself with a latest top-end editing program first (like Adobe, thank you Sony Vegas for the memories but you’ve got to go now.) You know, every designer/editors problem saving work goes something like this: 2019 Trailer.mp4 > Trailer 2.mp4 > Trailer 6.mp4 > FIXED TRAILER.mp4 > FUCKING FINALLY.mp4. I’m not even exaggerating on that last one. The video thumbnail says it all.

I digress, despite only being just over two minutes long this process took ages to sort out and my back and shoulders are killing me (I should really invest in a decent chair too.) Bwoah, it was a much needed distraction at least. I hope Kimi’s season in a lower-budget team like Alfa Romeo isn’t as painful as this was LOL. Kimi is fit, motivated, rejuvenated and I personally cannot wait for this season to get rolling. Coincidentally Alfa Romeo also released a 2019 trailer today to add to the excitement, which was handy so I could cheekily squeeze in some extra footage. Towards the end of completing it, I thought of some other ideas I wanted to add in but it’ll have to wait for another video (a career special one, maybe!).

Enjoy and see you soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kimi Raikkonen 2019 Trailer | Evenstar Edit

  1. Great job as ever, Saima. Brings back do much memories for me back to those years when you used to produce them after each race..?…if i recall correctly…. Music suits to perfection too! Thank you so much for your time and energy.


    1. Thank you! It was nostalgic for me too! ❤


  2. It brings back old memories indeed. I think its safe to say that Alfa Romeo is a good car. Kimi never praises his car that often but he did. Even* is going to have a lot of good content to work with this season. Just like Lotus days. I remember the Lotus season videos with amazing soundtrack. Still have it saved in my desktop. I can’t seem to find one video though, it was 2013 i think, still stuck in my head. Nevertheless keep up the good work Evenstar*!!
    P.s- Does anyone know which 2013 Lotus video I’m talking about? That video had kimi with glares getting out of the car and waving while he is surrounded by flashes of camera(in slow-mo). The video had an amazing soundtrack too. I loved the soundtrack can’t remember the name too. It basically showed about all the races kimi did in 2013. I wont be able to sleep in peace until i find that video.


    1. Thanks Rahim! Yea Kimi knows what he is talking about 😉

      Which video hmmm, was it by me? or someone else


  3. Great Video.
    Kimi Raikkonen driving an Alfa Romeo.
    It does not get any better than that.


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