Kimi promotes new Iceman Long Drink

iceman-long-drink-2015-krs3He’s known as a driver with a penchant for a post-race vodka or two, and now Kimi Raikkonen is the ambassador of an alcoholic beverage which shares his nickname – Iceman.

With another season at Ferrari confirmed, the 2007 world champion has used the time between the Belgian and Italian Grands Prix to advertise Iceman Long Drink, a traditional dry gin from his native Finland. The drink company, which was founded earlier this year, has posted pictures to its newly-created Twitter account with Raikkonen holding up Iceman Long Drink cans and wearing branded t-shirts and hats.

Raikkonen became known as the Iceman – which he had tattooed on his left arm – during his time at McLaren for the cool demeanour he displayed under pressure. The company’s marketing says the drink is “best served as cool as the Iceman himself”.

It appears the drink is currently only available on Finnish cruise liners, though the company suggests asking local retailers for “the coolest long drink there is.”

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2 thoughts on “Kimi promotes new Iceman Long Drink

  1. I remember a few years back, a friend of mine – who happens to be a multi-millionaire – launched a beer in his name. It lasted a year or so, and then collapsed. He lost millions and millions in the venture…

    Good luck Kimi!


  2. ou on peit trouver des vetements de sa marque Iceman ?


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