From The KRS Archive: Belgium 2009

Ferrari's Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen stands on the podium of the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit on August 30, 2009 in Francorchamps, after the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix. Ferrari's Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen won the race ahead of Force India's Italian driver Giancarlo Fisichella and Red Bull's German driver Sebastian Vettel.               AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS (Photo credit should read FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s a loooong four week break till F1 is back and we return to Spa-Francorchamps, dubbed as the Holy Ground of Kimi Raikkonen amongst his army of fans.

Somehow, even when I was slightly relieved to have this long break away from F1 for a while especially after the bullshit Kimi is going through, you still look forward to the next race. Like any typical F1 fan, withdrawal symptoms start almost immediately and it’s only 3 days after the emotional, crazy and massively disappointing (for Kimi, duh) Hungarian GP; I was bored and got watching some of his old races; Britain 2008 (remarkably similar to this year’s GP), Belgium 2008 (heartbreaking, I don’t think I could personally continue blogging if this year’s race goes wrong as well).

Then to get back to high spirits, I chose to watch his last victory for Scuderia Ferrari, his win from 6th on the grid, at Spa 2009. The opening lap…It just gave me chiils, y’know? The Iceman is just…another level of speed. Even in a dog car. But F1 isn’t that simple nowadays and Kimi, though a world champion in one of the last real fast F1 cars of it’s era in 2007, is affected by these new F1 cars perhaps more so than the others but it’s not right to say he is slow or lacking motivation (seriously, again?). It’s a natural God given talent, you’re born with it, it doesn’t disappear. So screw you haters and journalists who have nothing better to do that to disrespect a world class driver and dedicated sportsman who’s going through a phase of extreme bad luck again this year.

Alas, back to Spa; we really need to see you on the podium again Kimi – we miss you up there and it’s just not right that Vettel takes all the glory for Ferrari. This victory was special and so special infact, sacred almost… as it is still his last with Ferrari, despite his teammate taking two wins with the team this season. I felt like sharing it with all the fans again…

{KRS 2009 12. Belgium GP Highlights (Special) from Evenstar Saima on Vimeo.

Video SoundTracks: “Finished Symphony” – Hybrid | “Marine” – Aliens VS Predator videogame | “Lifeless” – Seventh | “Greece 2000” – Three Drives | “Out of the Blue” – System F (Ferry Corsten) | “Go” – Andy Hunter | “Oceanic” – Above & Beyond (Super8 & Tab remix) | “The Day After Tomorrow” – Harald Kloser

During the next few weeks, I’ll try my best to keep the site updated and entertaining 🙂 Perhaps even edit a new video maybe…

Evenstar Saima x

3 thoughts on “From The KRS Archive: Belgium 2009

  1. That is a great tribute, Saima! Thanks for reminding all of us what a beast he has been. I love your dedication and support even during these hard times for kimi. It’s been a tough year again, but I’m sure once everything is sorted out, he will consistently beat Seb. Until that day..

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    1. Thanks Abhi 🙂 Yes…. I still have faith in Kimi, his efforts will be rewarded at some point this year…


  2. This is a great reminder for all his beloved fans that hes still NO1, his recent race reflects his ability determination and skill to overcome issues that have limited ferraris overall peformance since Bahrain! This race proves even from behind the Mercedes hes got the speed and skill to get ahead this was the best race start we have seen for a while and I hope and pray he gets if not pole at Spar on the second row to launch himself in the exact same manner to take the lead Im sure he can do this again and shut all those stupid doubters and writers to stop writing crap about the best thing in F1! The race at Spar will be a turning point in the season for him and with everyones thoughts wishes and love for Kimi hes now got everything with him to go one step further to win again and win big! best of luck Kimi we are all behind you for the Win! iNSHALLAH! bash Manch UK

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