kimi-austriagp-200615-krs19Qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix left Scuderia Ferrari with mixed feelings. The variable track conditions in Q1 left Kimi Raikkonen unable to post a good timed lap and so the Ferrari man had to settle for the eighteenth fastest time. Sebastian Vettel will start from third on the grid having lapped in 1.08.810, beaten only by the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton (1.08.455) and Nico Rosberg (1.08.655.) [via]

Final Times:

Pos Driver Car Time Gap
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m08.455s
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m08.655s 0.200s
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 1m08.810s 0.355s
4 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m09.192s 0.737s
5 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1m09.278s 0.823s
6 Valtteri Bottas Williams/Mercedes 1m09.319s 0.864s
7 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Renault 1m09.612s 1.157s
8 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1m09.713s 1.258s
9 Romain Grosjean Lotus/Mercedes
10 Pastor Maldonado Lotus/Mercedes 1m10.374s
11 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1m10.426s
12 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso/Renault 1m10.465s
13 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 1m12.522s
14 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m12.867s
15 Roberto Merhi Marussia/Ferrari 1m14.071s
16 Will Stevens Marussia/Ferrari 1m15.368s
17 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/Renault 1m09.694s
18 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 1m10.482s
19 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 1m10.736s
20 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 1m12.632s

Note: Kvyat, Ricciardo, Alonso and Button all have penalties


From “[I was told] that we have three timed laps and obviously they noticed at some point that we went out too late and I was not going to have three timed laps, but I was never told. I was doing a normal plan and obviously it made a big difference. It was wrong. I was doing the same thing that I was doing when I went out and I never got the information that it was not possible to do what was the original plan and obviously we missed the one lap completely. I was thinking that I was doing the normal thing and I was not told that the plan had changed suddenly. They sent me out too late, we missed one lap and it obviously cost a lot. Obviously it was not ideal. We should be much higher up and I’m sure we could have fought at the front, but we tried to do our best and obviously it’s not an ideal starting place. Yes, there are long straights but also there are very tricky corners to be in the middle of the pack, so we have much bigger chances to have that happening in the first few corners, so you try to stay clear of all the s*** in the first lap and then I guess we should have speed, but you never know what will happen in the race. We will do our best and see where we end up.”

From autosport.comKimi: “More or less until this point, it has been a pretty good weekend. The car is handling well. I’m sure we can do a good job.”

From crash.netKimi: “It is what it is tomorrow. Obviously we should have the speed [as I mentioned] but it’s not a very ideal position to start because there are so many things that can go wrong in the first few corners. I’m sure if we get clear through those then we try to maximise our result, but there is no point guessing what is going to happen. We will push as hard as we can and hopefully make the right decisions when they come and gain many positions.”

From ferrarif1.comKimi: “It has been a very bad Saturday and this result will not help us tomorrow. When I went out for my last run in Q1, the team informed me that I could do three timed laps, but then the plan was changed and I did not get the information. Therefore we missed one lap completely and I was knocked out. The point is that I was sent out too late and that cost us a lot. Obviously my starting position is not ideal; we should have been much higher up, I’m sure we could have fought at the front. Tomorrow we should have the speed we need, but you never know what happens in the race. In the first lap it will be better to stay away of problems because there is a much bigger chance of something happening in the first few corners. There is a long straight, but also two corners which can be tricky if you happen to be in the middle of the pack. Then we’ll try to maximize our result. Until now it has been a pretty good weekend, the car is handling well: we’ll try to do our best and see what we can do”.



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  1. When does Jock Clear join the bench at Ferrari? Obviously there is someone needed there.


    1. I give up, will start support BO77AS.
      KIMI make me feel shity all his race weekends.
      How the other guys doe bring it.
      Realy he don’t deserve one more year with Ferrari, i think Lotus was perfect team for him. He should never leave them.


  2. I’ve made some jab punches at kimi before, but I dont see where this is entirely kimi’s fault. He doesnt make decisions with regards to strategy, damn he doesnt even make calls on when to go out. Kimi is easy target for the media because of how he acts towards them. Lately, things are getting worst for kimi cause the media have one more reason to bash him (full throttle).
    Objectively speaking and as a kimi fan, there is something wrong in kimi’s part of the garage. Kimi blames the team and the team blames him, not a healthy environment I would say. Teamwork is looking out for each others back.
    I agree with some people that maybe kimi should tone down the blaming game and just focus on what he does best. Gud luk for tmrw Kimi


  3. Uh one more thing, the guy who thought that a 1.12 was safe enough to go to the other round and the guy responsible for handling information regarding traffic should be FIRED Immediately. As I’ve said, weird things and childish mistakes are done on kimi side of the garage..


    1. I think Vettel came out later Kimi but he made it! This really made Kimi’s situation worst no matter who’s fault. Unless he is able to end his race in 4th place at least. Wonder what happened to Kimi, where is his consistency? I off the TV after Q1 just now. I wonder what is going to happen in the race tomorrow?


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