Slade: I’ll always be a Kimi fan

GP CINA F1/2015A follow up on the March news that Kimi is happy with his new engineer Dave Greenwood for 2015, his ex-engineer from McLaren and Lotus Mark Slade speaks on the subject:

LAT20120831421087_PVSlade, who now works with Pastor Maldonado at Lotus, confirmed that Raikkonen now seems happier alongside Greenwood.

“I don’t know Dave Greenwood,” he admitted, “but I think Kimi is happier when he’s working with an English race engineer.

“Kimi speaks good English so he likes to get his information in brief, genuine English. I am sure that the cooperation was not as smooth with someone for whom English is not his home language.

“I will always be a Kimi fan,” Slade added, “so of course I’m happy to see Kimi able now to drive a lot better than he could last year.”

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