‘Team orders’ a thing of the past at Ferrari


Kimi tells Seb he better watch out cos he’s coming to get him! lol

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene has ruled out using team orders to boost his drivers’ chances of fighting for this year’s Formula 1 title.

Although Ferrari has been known for having no qualms about using team orders in the past, Arrivabene says that policy changed when he arrived at the team last year.

He insists that, despite Sebastian Vettel having had a better start to the season than teammate Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari will continue to give the Finn all the support he needs.

“We will give him all of the necessary support, and I do not want to hear about team orders,” Arrivabene told Autosprint.

“When I arrived at Maranello I saw the old rules of engagement, and I made some changes in the presence of both drivers and their race engineers – so that everybody is informed.

“The only rule in force is that of mathematics.”

Vettel has finished on the podium three times in three races, including a race victory in Malaysia, and is currently second in the standings.

Raikkonen is fifth, with two fourth places as his best results.

| Source: motorsport.com |

1 thought on “‘Team orders’ a thing of the past at Ferrari

  1. I have also found this:

    Lorenzo De Luca @LorenzoDL83 · Apr 12
    Allievi “from today Kimi has 2nd role driver at Ferrari” 😧😧

    And then I Googled Pino Allievi. He is just journalist who has boner for Alonso. Nothing less, nothing more.


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