Kimi: I am a very happy dad


Kimi Raikkonen told Italian channel RAI TV how happy he is being a father, in an interview broadcast during the Chinese GP weekend. Raikkonen also talked about working alongside Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari and how refreshed the team is feeling after a successful start to the season.The big question at the end is whether Kimi will remain at Ferrari for next year… But Iceman doesn’t reveal much in typical fashion.

Watch the video,
courtesy of Wait and See.

Rough translation, courtesy of @Gianlu_DAle:

Q: Are you worried about the advantage that Sebastian is earning on you?
Kimi: It is not the ideal situation, but this is the reality. I keep pushing and we’ll see how it will finish.

Q: How is the relationship with Sebastian?
Kimi: The relationship is fine, as before. People believe that between me and Seb internal problems may arise because of the different results, but we get along as friends and especially as collegues. It is normal being against each other on the track, but for the team we work together.

Q: What is the atmosphere in the team after the changes of last winter?
Kimi: Inside the team we work well and in harmony. All the team go in the same direction. It is the best moment, as in group dynamics, of all my experience in Formula 1.

Q: How do you feel now as a dad?
Kimi: I am very happy with being a dad. It’s nice, obviously it is a different feeling, something new for me, especially hold in my arms this little adorable baby. Unfortunately I’m very often out and not at home, but that’s life. When he will grow up, I will bring him with me. I’m very happy right now. I have a beautiful family, who supports me, even when I return home after a bad race.

Q: Will you remain in Ferrari next year?
Kimi: We have to understand what the team principle wants and thinks and if Ferrari wants me. Time will tell.


1 thought on “Kimi: I am a very happy dad

  1. Happy for Kimi as he has his own family and a harmony team.


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