Kimi: Without motivation I wouldn’t be here


Kimi Raikkonen says if the results do not come this season he could be on his way out of Ferrari next year, but he is not worried about the situation.

Raikkonen joined Ferrari last year but suffered a tricky season in which the car was not up to scratch and he was off the pace of his team-mate Fernando Alonso. This year it is all change at Maranello, with new team management in Maurizio Arrivabene and a new team-mate in Sebastian Vettel, but it is also the last year of Raikkonen’s current contract.

He said there is an option in his contract to remain at the team but suggested it depended on results coming on track.

“There is an option in my contract,” Raikkonen said. “I don’t mind, it’s up to me and up to the team to do a good job this year and if it goes badly and I don’t sign it then I don’t sign it. It’s not anything wrong. The aim is to do well and then there is a good chance that everybody is happy and I’m sure we can do a good year. We’ll see what happens in the future. I don’t worry about it and I don’t think about it.”

However, Raikkonen says 2015 is a “completely different story” to last year.

“It’s a lot different. Obviously it’s a new car and you usually know if the car is going to be good or not good. This year is a completely different story to last year, so it was a positive start and a nice good day.”

And, as he does every year, he scotched suggestions he is lacking motivation: “It’s no different. I’ve never had any issues [getting motivated]. Without motivation I wouldn’t be here.” [ Source: ]

1 thought on “Kimi: Without motivation I wouldn’t be here

  1. Suffered a tricky season? Jeez, that’s putting it mildly! Undoubtedly it was the worst season of his career, and the 2009 season of course.

    Its different now with James and Seb on board, and even better that Nando, Luca and Marco are thankfully gone forever…


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