Mattiacci strongly believes in Kimi

Raikkonen & Mattiacci

Watch the full interview with Ferrari team principle Marco Mattiacci by Martin Brundle:

Martin Brundle: Kimi Raikkonen, last time he was at Ferrari, he was basically paid to go rallying. Then he came back and did a great job at Lotus. He’s had a difficult season back here at Ferrari, how do you view his performances?

Marco Mattiacci: “I see this like when you hire a great striker in football and for the first six, seven matches they are not striking and you are waiting and then suddenly they will do an amazing season. I think Kimi, we have seen in Hungary, we have seen even in the last 48 hours (during practice and qualifying at Spa, where he went on to finish fourth, his best result of the season so far) we have seen he is an extremely talented driver.

“I don’t think we did an excellent job in putting him in condition to express the best of him. For sure, he has been suffering a little bit the car that we have for his driving style that he has, but I think it’s a combination of factors that didn’t bring him in the top five, six drivers. But I strongly believe in Kimi.”

MB: Will you have the same driver line-up next year?
MM: “Yeah.”

MB: Unquestioned?
MM: “Yes.”

MB: And maybe 2016 too?
MM: “Listen, I need to think about what is going to be the race tomorrow [in Belgium]. As I said, we have two great drivers. My focus at the moment is to lay down a great strategy to make sure that all the team share the same vision and the will to succeed in an environment that puts them in a condition to be back to the top and getting everybody motivated in a moment that definitely is not the easiest one for Ferrari.”

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2 thoughts on “Mattiacci strongly believes in Kimi

  1. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. if the Ferrari does not perform, neither does Kimi. Simple as that.


    1. Spot on Leo well said


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