Kimi keeping faith in Ferrari for 2015


Kimi Raikkonen is confident Marco Mattiacci is the right man to return Ferrari to winning ways next season and believes technical director James Allison will deliver a car to his liking.

Raikkonen has made a lacklustre return to the team this year, scoring just 27 points from 11 races and failing to beat team-mate Fernando Alonso on race day. The Ferrari F14 T lacks power and downforce compared to its rivals but the team will have to wait until the winter before it can start to address its power unit’s deficiencies, meaning serious gains on Mercedes are unlikely this year.

However, Raikkonen believes Mattiacci, who replaced Stefano Domenicali as team principal in April, is the right man to organise Ferrari’s resources into a winning package.

“I have 100% belief in the people at the factory,” he said when asked about the team’s plans for 2015. “We have the tools and the people to do the job and what we are supposed to do. I’m sure we can be where we should be, hopefully by next year. We have to do a lot of work, but like I said, we have the people and the tools and I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t be at the front again, but obviously time will tell.

“With a new team boss [Mattiacci], he didn’t have much knowledge of F1 when he came in, but he has a very smart head and I think he’s doing good work and good decisions and he can get the best out of people. I think he’s the guy that we need.”

Raikkonen has struggled more than Alonso with the car this year and says it does not suit his style. But having worked with Ferrari technical director Allison at Lotus over the last two years, he believes he is more likely to get a car that suits him in 2015.

“The team know what I like and their designers are designing a new car [for 2015] and I have 100% belief in the guys in the factory, and with James I should get something that is more to my liking. We have to improve anyhow with the speed and I think we have good people who know what they should do. This year overall – not just for me – it’s been pretty bad for the team, so there’s a lot of work to do and I’m sure we have the tools to turn it around and be stronger next year.”

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1 thought on “Kimi keeping faith in Ferrari for 2015

  1. I’am kimi fan he will win in 2015


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