Kimi happier with car feeling


“It continues to feel more like it should even if the results are not where we should be,” Raikkonen said.

“The car felt much better here – more to my liking – I could drive it more as I wanted and it started to feel nice.

“We had a bad second run in Q2, [but] in the race the car felt good on new tyres, but the front left didn’t last because of the damage on the front wing.

“On another weekend, when I get more parts, it should help and we can start turning it around and get more points in the race.

“It’s not easy. Things are not going to plan. Something always goes wrong. Hopefully it will stop at some point.

“Having difficult weekends is not fun but it’s part of racing. I would obviously rather have good weekends than bad results all the time, but I’m sure it’s going to change.

“It’s not like we’ve lost it, it’s just a difficult moment.”

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2 thoughts on “Kimi happier with car feeling

  1. That is nice to hear kimi started to feel the car more to his liking Ferrari now to give a perfect car to kimis liking for qualification also so kimi will get the job done all the best kimi


  2. Nice to hear he’s happy. I am not.

    To be honest, I am tired of watching and listening to Kimi’s constant conundrums. Fernando is indeed correct: it must be increasingly frustrating to bring the team in the points all on his own in every race while Kimi just complains down in mid-field.

    Go figure! Go Fernando!


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