Goodbye Jules…

Jules and Kimi, Hungarian GP 2014
Jules and Kimi, Hungarian GP 2014

Writing this straight from the heart, no planning, just… feel like sharing. It was on Eid last Friday/Saturday when I first woke, checked my phone and saw the news about Jules. It was very tough to enjoy that day without a constant numb feeling inside and even the days after.

Bianchi’s passing is the first fatality in Formula One that I’ve seen and been actively aware of. I was too young to know the feeling when the last death of Ayrton Senna happened 21 years ago. Nine months previously to 17th July 2015, when Jules’ accident took place it felt real. But having not seen him since, whilst being in hospital care, it’s harder to accept he has now died. You’d always hope for some good news as long as there is a chance. I still can’t believe what’s happened…

Motorsport and Kimi have been part of my life since I was 12 and now I’m almost 28; time goes too quickly, we take things for granted and even those we support and love to watch on track. But it is with our hearts that we see rightly, things mostly unspoken but felt. And no matter which driver we support, they are ALL our heroes and we come together to show it (there was a #DressForJules initiative created by other fans). That’s the motorsport community. We feel honoured to witness these great, fearless, talented drivers who risk it all for the passion they have for speed, to win, to succeed. They know F1 is a dangerous sport but that doesn’t stop them.

I didn’t know Jules, or follow him closely as much I do with Kimi obviously (I always voted Jules the most handsome F1 driver without a second thought, he truly was as beautiful as talented) but when any racing driver suffers a serious accident (even outside the sport, we remember Schumacher and ask him to #KeepFightingMichael…), the pain is close to home. Afterall, it could’ve been any one of them. His accident was terribly unfortunate, however it was instant with minimum physical pain, I hope. In the brief time that Jules spent with the F1 world and outside, it’s easy to see he made an impression that will last forever in the hearts of those who saw him and that smile… 

As we approach Hungary, the first GP weekend after his passing, I wanted to give my deepest and sincere condolences to Bianchi’s family, friends and collegues, all who without a doubt will be in our thoughts this difficult weekend.

Keep Flying Jules… wherever you are.

¬ Evenstar Saima

#7 and #17, Kimi and Jules, Hungarian GP 2014
#7 and #17, Kimi and Jules, Hungarian GP 2014

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Jules…

  1. Beautifully written. As a follower of F1 since the seventies sadly I can remember too many fatalities, including particular favourites of mine such as Ronnie Peterson and Elio de Angelis. Thankfully the sport is so much safer these days (or I would never have encouraged my own kids to become fans) . It is always devastating when such a young life is cut so tragically short. Like the many who went before him Jules will never be forgotten.


    1. Thank you Helen for your comment. Yes the sport has come a long way in terms of safety but going at these speeds, danger is inevitable.


  2. A heartfelt note about a driver none of us actually met. But it feels like we did. It just goes to show how tragedy brings us all closer… Thanks for the beautiful words Saima. RIP Jules Bianchi


  3. Thanks, Saima – very beautiful thoughts, what everybody, the fans of F1 are thinking, written by You…..It has been very very sad week. Somewhere, in the Heavenly Team, the departed spirits are all together and we don´t forget them…..Rest in peace, Jules…..


  4. Firstly Rip Jules. Secondly my best wishes to Manor who must all be going through it. Also to F1 paddock the people that knew Jules and supporters I offer my upmost condolences. Unfortunately at 36 I remember the tradegy that’s hit F1 IN the last 25/30 years and up until 92″ I was just Mansel fan then in 2006 I knew Lewis had chance of gettin seat and began to fall in love with sport that offers everything,the spectacle,glamour, rush and never did I think that I’d care about every driver on grid but what people say is true, it really is like you know them and although not directly involved Jules seemed like a lovely man, no aggression until he got in the car and what he managed to do in that car is on same level as what top team drivers do if not more impressive, due to the obvious pitfalls of being at the back. An untimely departure and a real shame so much potential that whole f1community has been robbed off but maybe there’s ways of keeping Jules name at the forefront of racing and motorsports but that’s something for f1and Jules family to decide. R I P Jules sleep tight mate


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