Kimi to miss Silverstone test


Kimi Raikkonen is recovering from the frightening accident on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix. The Scuderia Ferrari driver still has pain and some bruising in his left ankle and knee after his car hit the barriers. Therefore Scuderia Ferrari has decided to rest the Finn so that he can be fully fit for the German Grand Prix on 20th July at Hockenheim.

Therefore the driver line-up for the Silverstone test has been changed: tomorrow for the first day, test driver Pedro de la Rosa will be at the wheel of the F14 T and on Wednesday, Jules Bianchi will stand in for Raikkonen. The Frenchman has been on the books at the Ferrari Driver Academy since 2010 and currently races in Formula 1 for Marussia.

Pedro de la Rosa finally gets to drive the F14 T for real, having done many kilometres in its virtual cockpit on the simulator, where he shares the work with Davide Rigon and Andrea Bertolini. Pedro will therefore be able to make a comparison and give the engineers some useful feedback. During his day on track, a comparative test will take place at the same time back in Maranello and in a reverse of the usual situation, it will be Pedro de la Rosa on track and Fernando Alonso in the simulator.

Jules Bianchi will have his first run on the F14 T, back at the wheel of a Ferrari for the first time since the Pirelli tyre test in December 2013. The Frenchman is having a great season, securing his and Marussia’s first ever points when he finished ninth in Monaco.


6 thoughts on “Kimi to miss Silverstone test

  1. Kimi has been plagued with a very dark season this year. Lady Luck has certainly not been kind, or so it would seem.

    However, could it be that Lady Luck has absolutely nothing to do with his dismal return to Ferrari? Or could it actually be that he has no motivation at all in his golden years in F1?

    Whatever the rationale, Raikkonen is making headlines for all the WRONG reasons this year. Very hard to believe that this is the same driver who stood on the podium countless times with Lotus . . .

    I’m just thankful that he is okay after that dreadful shunt at Silverstone.


    1. It’s not motivation.. Kimi used the simulator A LOT in pre-season, something he hates lol It’s the way the car is built, very against his style. 2015 needs to come quickly.


      1. I strongly believe nothing to do with motivation. He definitely wants to proof his capability and score more points than Alonso… unfortunately things just getting worst which is against him. He definitely doesnt want to be in this situation id he has a choice or able to control it. Just hope has reached the worst ans w start to bounce back… fingers crossed.


      2. Perhaps it’s due to the Ferrari’s performance or lack thereof this year that it has become evident Kimi has somehow lost his way?

        If it was me in the F 14T, I too would be completely demotivated and questioning my own self worth within the team, favoring Fernando and neglecting me. See the dilemma?

        Next year could ring in all the changes, and it MUST. Kimi will probably be gone forever after that if Ferrari do not deliver.


    2. Kimi hasn’t suddenly lost his ability to drive – his performances in the Lotus over the past two seasons were brilliant. Unfortunately the Ferrari’s suspension is designed in such a way that it favours Alonso’s style of driving (rough!) and it’s very difficult and time-consuming to adjust to Kimi’s preferences – I just hope James Allison can improve the design for next year.


  2. Kimi needs a car to suit his driving style more front end and overall aero to balance the back of the car he likes to whip the car into the Conner entry this year model developed more with Alonso’s driving style that is the fact kimi is no nonsense person if he don’t like f1 he will quit good luck to kimi I pray for him because of him iam in f1


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