Kimi goes karting in Rudskogen, Norway


Kimi Raikkonen spent today in Scandinavia. The Finnish driver was indeed the star of an event organised by Scuderia Ferrari sponsor Santander, which saw him competing against some journalists in a two-legged kart race on the Rudskogen track. Kimi obviously won both races despite agreeing to start at the back of the grid. After lunch the driver from Espoo presented the prizes to his companions on the podium and met the Managing Director of Santander Nordics Customer Bank, Michael Hvidsten, who introduced him to other guests with whom he talked about his time in Ferrari and well over a decade of Formula 1 experience.

Before he took them on and beat them on the track, the Scuderia driver met the journalists to answer some questions. Kimi was extremely realistic when they asked how he saw the 2014 drivers’ championship. “I think it is very difficult for anyone to battle with the Mercedes drivers but you never know. I would like it to be us even if that will be hard, especially for me personally, given the position in the championship. But I have always been used to fighting and together with the team, which is still hard at work on the development of the F14 T, I hope to be able to get some good results. As I’ve said, we are doing an incredible amount of work and I think we will sort out our problems, but you need time. If we manage it before the end of the season the results will come because my motivation is intact.”

Kimi also confirmed that he doesn’t think he has changed in comparison with his championship year in 2007: “I have more experience compared to when I won the title and I am a few years older but I don’t feel it and I still have a great desire to race. As for rallying? Certainly I would like to do more of it but for now I’m completely focused on Formula 1.”


Q: Kimi, did you see any talents? KR: “I came second so..” (via


The kart race


Kimi chatting with Henning Solberg


Press conference

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2 thoughts on “Kimi goes karting in Rudskogen, Norway

  1. Kimi did not win at Rudskogen,he was 2 after Atle Gulbrandsen.


    1. Haha, that is correct Alf – the Ferrari press seem to make up a lot of lies.

      A fan who took the videos also knew that Kimi came second…


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