The results will come!

This is the weekend we all have been looking forward to come. The streets of Monte Carlo bring always a little bit extra for all the exciting challenges of motor racing.

It’s a different circuit, we will use different tyres and the environment will be different, so there is nothing to compare to it.

Especially this time it will be even more exciting with these new generation cars. These cars tend to slide easily and in Monte Carlo there is no room for that. Most of all it¹s a question of the best drive of the year ­ the 100% concentration with the 100% working car all the 78 laps of the Grand Prix. That’s the only way to be happy after the race in Monaco. Monaco is a unique circuit and the qualifying is more important than any other circuit on the calender. Obviously for us, the qualifying is something we really have to get right. After last race in Barcelona we had a quite good test. It started with some issues, but all in all, I was happy with the work we managed to do there. The car is getting better for me and step by step we come closer to the front runners.

Obviously I feel the results will be coming, but it seems to take even more tougher pushing than ever before. Now the full focus is on Monaco. It will be extremely busy since the very beginning on Thursday morning. Everybody is targetting to have a nice, clean weekend and you cannot afford to loose any practice time to get the feeling right with the car between those barriers.

It’s a magical place. The paddock is full of people and the atmosphere is just great. Along the years I have experienced how brilliant it is to get everything right in Monaco.


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