Montezemolo: Kimi is strong

Montezemolo with Raikkonen

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has vowed to give Fernando Alonso a stronger car and is confident his star driver will remain at the team in the future.

Ferrari has made a slow start to the season under the new regulations and team principal Stefano Domenicali resigned after just three races. Montezemolo is not happy with the team’s performances so far but says Alonso will eventually be rewarded with a car capable of winning championships.

“For me it is not a problem of the drivers, for me it is a problem of the team,” he said. “I’m not happy for the team, I’m not happy because we want to win, I’m not happy because we’ve lost an opportunity in recent years and this is why we have to push all together, starting with Fernando.

“I’m sure that when Ferrari is happy and has a competitive car, he will be super happy because he gives 100% or even something more to the team and I share his frustrations sometimes. I’m sorry because at least one of the two championships [in 2010 and 2012] were possible to win even for him. But for me the problem is to have a competitive team and not to follow the problems of the drivers, even if I totally agree with him that a driver like him needs a competitive car. This is our main goal, to give him a better car for him and for the team.”

Raikkonen returned to Ferrari over the winter but has struggled more than Alonso this year. However, Montezemolo has no doubt that the Finn will turn his fortunes around.

“Kimi I think has improved step-by-step until today and I hope he can do good tomorrow, although tomorrow I don’t expect a lot. I know Kimi very well, he is a fantastic driver who does not feel comfortable with the car but is improving. I spoke a lot with him today and he is more pleased with the car and I think he will be even more pleased in the near future. He’s strong and I like him very much.”



Kimi’s ex-driving coach Rob Wilson talks about the Finn’s car problems this year

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