The toughest times are behind


It has not been the most solid start to a new season. Obviously, we have not been in a position to fight in the sharpest end of the grid. But every race weekend we have been able to improve slightly our overall performance. That is the main thing so far.

It is not the first time the Scuderia Ferrari is in such a challenging situation. The history prooves itself clearly, every time Ferrari has had some problems with the performance at the beginning, it has always come back strongly, and no doubt, it will happen again.

There are good people controlling things and taking care of the issues. We know, why our speed has not been in the level of our competitors, the whole factory is working very hard and we will get things sorted out sooner or later.

Obviously it has been quite tough first few weeks of the season for us all. We have finished every race with both cars, so it¹s a fact, we have had the reliability, but speedwise we have not been up there so far.It was known. The Bahrain race weekend will be the hardest for us because of the layout of the circuit suiting our competitors better. Now we are heading for a different kind of place.

Shanghai circuit should be a little bit better for our car, too. Last year in China I started from the front row and finished the race second, as well. I have always insisted that it does not help a single bit, how the races have been earlier, while every new race differs from the previous ones. So it goes this time, too. We will try our very best to get the best results possible.

We will get some new important parts to this race, and hopefully they will give us some more speed and traction. We have to focus on the qualifying, especially we will have to focus on the start, and we need to get a clean first lap finally after having those problems in the last two races. All in all I expect to have the best race weekend so far. Let¹s wait and see, how it starts on Friday morning.


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