Vilander on Raikkonen’s car troubles


MTV Sport’s F1 expert Toni Vilander [24 Hours of Le Mans winner and a close friend of Kimi’s] explains the setup problems Ferrari is having with Kimi Raikkonen.

The car’s tendency to push has been causing problems for Raikkonen.

“They’re looking for better settings for the front end. They’re trying to improve the turning of the car and the issues with the locking up of the inside wheel. Kimi is having problems with braking and the fact that the car pushes quite heavily. The front end is weak and Kimi’s isn’t able to get a proper feel of it.”

Teammate Fernando Alonso’s setup is completely different.

“Kimi’s use of the steering wheel and the timing of the braking and the gear change are different. Kimi changes gear fairly late and he keeps a slight pressure on the brake all the way to the middle of a curve. This requires a responsive steering and an inside wheel that doesn’t lock up.”

“Fernando turns fast and rough. For him it’s ok that the car pushes and you’ll be able to force the car inside a curve”, Vilander compares the different driving styles.

(Source:, google-translated)

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3 thoughts on “Vilander on Raikkonen’s car troubles

  1. Leo Turrini’s blog on Australia:

    “5) I am a Ferrari supporter but of a Raikkonian rite, I’m an intellectually honest man too (at least, I hope I am). So, Alonso 1 – Kimi 0. In Melbourne, the Blond was no match for Alonso. But I remain convinced that Raikkonen will give as much and soon.”


  2. The ferrari car looked like a prancing horse out of control. From the onboard cameras it looked like they were struggling to take control.
    Regarding Kimi and Ive been following him for a long time, it seems that his outburts are consequence of on the spot malfunctions. I think he should interact more with his team and try anticipating things than a learning by doing attitude. You dont see many technical discussions in alonso’s case because he prepares very well for his races….
    Another if people have notice but friday’s with kimi is all about setting him not liking this and that. I think if he could minimize this especially judging by the pictures from austrlian gp and having alonso as a teammate


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