F1Racing March 2014: KR vs FA

The season preview issue of F1Racing magazine arrived yesterday and it’s a good read. Here’s a feature on the Raikkonen vs Alonso battle in Ferrari; predictions and opinion from former Ferrari F1 champion Jody Scheckter. Note – he is quite pro-Alonso on his judgement but all the more for Kimi to prove him and other critics wrong – and we love an underdog right!? Will 2014 echo the 2005 season perhaps?


4 thoughts on “F1Racing March 2014: KR vs FA

  1. I remember around 2004 the same magazine predict Montoya ahead of Raikkonen for 2005 season.


  2. Almost every Ferrari forum i go through, all f1 analysts and the likes of sky,espn are vouching for Fernando. It really hurt to see the way all the tifosi on forums are completely discounting Kimi, their last champion only to favor Alonso. Being his fan is one thing but i almost sensed a lack of respect for Kimi among them.
    During the Bahrain testing, when we arent even sure whether or not Ferrari was sandbagging or what their programme was if Kimi’s lap was a couple of seconds off the pace of the Mercs people would actually say, no worries Fernando will make it better.
    Really ? Thats what uv got for a former Ferrari champion ? Was extremely happy on Kimi’s return to Ferrari since i thought if there was any team that would give him the chance to win the title again, this is it ! But all comments, opinions and the relentless rants just counting Kimi out have almost made me wish he was in some other team with a quick car.
    Anyway, too late for that…id like to believe what Hakkinen said, that our man will indeed beat Fernando. Yes Fernando is good but Kimi is THE BEST !
    Show em Kimi, just to shut their traps at the end of the year !


    1. That’s a real shame to hear…. But thank God Kimi doesn’t give a shit otherwise he’ll crack and resort to cheating like Alonso 😉 rather have a sportsman with integrity thanks!


      1. While im a 100% sure Kimi wont resort to Alonso-like antics the rumor-mongers are already on fire ! Things ranging from – Alonso will attempt dirty politics with the team (he knows Kimi wants to be left alone 😉 ) if Kimi starts beating him frequently enough
        Ferrari (read- Domenicali & Montezemolo ) have only hired Kimi to ‘support’ Alonso better than what Massa managed so they can manage grab the WCC along with a WDC for Alonso. Domenicali has passed some rather controversial statements already like ‘Kimi knows what it takes to share the team with a world champion like Fernando’. I mean…what rubbish is that ??? Whats he trying to brew here ?
        Luca & Stefano seemed to be accomplished politicians (read – assholes ) & i hope they just leave Kimi alone and give him the car he needs to blaze the field rather than cribbing if he has an upper hand over their beloved Fernando.
        I havnt and cant forget 2009 ! Just hope Kimi set his terms loud and clear before returning to Maranello. Knowing him , he mightv covered every nook & corner and even more.
        Lets hope this is our year Saima ! 🙂


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