Video: Epilogue 2013 – The Iceman Returns

Since I made Prelude and the 2012 year review, Kimi Raikkonen’s 2013 season is continued in this video titled ‘Epilogue’. The Iceman’s comeback with Lotus in 2012 was great for Formula 1 and look at how time flies… It’s nearly 2014 already and perhaps the final chapter in Kimi’s career is about to begin with a return to the scene of his greatest glory, at Ferrari. But this video is ultimately about 2013 and my way of saying Happy Christmas to you guys.

Enjoy the movie! It was non-stop, day/night work I tell ya! Sit back and get your speakers ready but you might want to grab a drink/popcorn first as this is 11 minutes long!

Watch on Vimeo


Download via Mediafire: File – .MP4 | Size – 693MB | Duration – 11:00mins
Smaller download: File – .WMV | Size – 385MB
Download from Vimeo: File – .MP4 | Size: (1280×720 / 273MB)

5 thoughts on “Video: Epilogue 2013 – The Iceman Returns

  1. When you said you were willing to do better than the prelude I didn’t believe you would..
    And there, right in the eye! Proud of you, great job!


  2. Thanks a lot, Saima! You´re like our eyes and ears – it has been super!!
    Have a nice and peaceful Christmas-time – You deserve this.


    1. Thank you dear. I’ll be honest – it was so stressful for me because my video program trial expired just before I rendered it – I thought I’d have to start all over. Similar thing happened last year with 2012 video lol! Luckily my bf helped recover it.


  3. Guys Please Pray for Michael..just like how Kimi is the only reason i watch formula 1…Schumacher was the 1st driver who impressed me and the reason for me to actually know what is formula 1..its shocking he’s in such state..thanks for the tweets Evenstar..Hope he recovers soon..


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