India Grand Prix – Friday Practice Results

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A troublesome day for Kimi, struggling with set-up and a few errors including a spin and a “completely done” front tyre. The Iceman also didn’t have a low-fuel run in the first session.

FP2 Times:

Pos Driver               Team            Time        Gap    Laps
 1. Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault        1m25.722s           35
 2. Mark Webber           Red Bull-Renault        1m26.011s  +0.289s  38
 3. Romain Grosjean       Lotus-Renault           1m26.220s  +0.498s  36
 4. Lewis Hamilton        Mercedes                1m26.399s  +0.677s  36
 5. Fernando Alonso       Ferrari                 1m26.430s  +0.708s  39
 6. Nico Rosberg          Mercedes                1m26.582s  +0.860s  40
 7. Felipe Massa          Ferrari                 1m26.601s  +0.879s  41
 8. Kimi Raikkonen        Lotus-Renault           1m26.632s  +0.910s  32
 9. Sergio Perez          McLaren-Mercedes        1m26.857s  +1.135s  40
10. Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes        1m26.972s  +1.250s  39
11. Daniel Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari      1m27.304s  +1.582s  17
12. Adrian Sutil          Force India-Mercedes    1m27.375s  +1.653s  36
13. Valtteri Bottas       Williams-Renault        1m27.429s  +1.707s  31
14. Nico Hulkenberg       Sauber-Ferrari          1m27.491s  +1.769s  40
15. Paul di Resta         Force India-Mercedes    1m27.608s  +1.886s  38
16. Pastor Maldonado      Williams-Renault        1m27.720s  +1.998s  23
17. Esteban Gutierrez     Sauber-Ferrari          1m27.949s  +2.227s  34
18. Jean-Eric Vergne      Toro Rosso-Ferrari      1m28.431s  +2.709s  30
19. Giedo van der Garde   Caterham-Renault        1m28.692s  +2.970s  39
20. Jules Bianchi         Marussia-Cosworth       1m28.799s  +3.077s  32
21. Charles Pic           Caterham-Renault        1m29.366s  +3.644s  37
22. Max Chilton           Marussia-Cosworth       1m30.164s  +4.442s  27

Lotus Team Quotes:

Kimi Raikkonen – 17th/8th: “The car feels pretty okay now, but we can still make it better. We made quite a few changes in the morning as it didn’t feel so good then, but it’s much better now and we should be able to make more progress for tomorrow. The track is quite slippery, but that improves with time and the car gets better too.”

Romain Grosjean – 4th/3rd: “That was a good start to the weekend. The car feels good and we made progress through the day to make it better. It’s still a struggle to find grip here which can make things interesting as you find the limits, but the pace of our car relative to our rivals looks quite good. I’m hopeful of another solid day tomorrow which should give us another strong qualifying position if the evidence of today is anything to go by. We’ll do everything we can to take the fight to Red Bull.”

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director: “It was a difficult morning for Kimi who wasn’t happy with the balance of his car so his engineers made a reasonable amount of changes to the set-up over lunch, meaning the car was much more to his liking in the afternoon. Romain was generally happy with his car and just made minor changes to the set-up to get it 100% to his liking. We completed a good number of laps on low and high fuel with both tyres and we’re looking in strong shape. The Red Bulls are unfortunately looking incredibly quick, but we’re leading the charge behind them.”

FP1 Times: FP1 Report

Pos Driver                  Team            Time        Gap    Laps
 1. Sebastian Vettel        Red Bull-Renault         1m26.683s           24
 2. Mark Webber             Red Bull-Renault         1m26.871s  +0.188s  17
 3. Nico Rosberg            Mercedes                 1m26.899s  +0.216s  23
 4. Romain Grosjean         Lotus-Renault            1m26.990s  +0.307s  20
 5. Lewis Hamilton          Mercedes                 1m27.227s  +0.544s  21
 6. Jenson Button           McLaren-Mercedes         1m27.335s  +0.652s  23
 7. Sergio Perez            McLaren-Mercedes         1m27.416s  +0.733s  23
 8. Felipe Massa            Ferrari                  1m27.692s  +1.009s  21
 9. Nico Hulkenberg         Sauber-Ferrari           1m27.770s  +1.087s  19
10. Valtteri Bottas         Williams-Renault         1m27.800s  +1.117s  23
11. Jean-Eric Vergne        Toro Rosso-Ferrari       1m28.035s  +1.352s  25
12. Fernando Alonso         Ferrari                  1m28.214s  +1.531s   6
13. Daniel Ricciardo        Toro Rosso-Ferrari       1m28.336s  +1.653s  18
14. Pastor Maldonado        Williams-Renault         1m28.342s  +1.659s  21
15. Adrian Sutil            Force India-Mercedes     1m28.468s  +1.785s  20
16. Esteban Gutierrez       Sauber-Ferrari           1m28.538s  +1.855s  18
17. Kimi Raikkonen          Lotus-Renault            1m28.730s  +2.047s  18
18. James Calado            Force India-Mercedes     1m29.197s  +2.514s  22
19. Giedgo van der Garde    Caterham-Renault         1m29.413s  +2.730s  24
20. Jules Bianchi           Marussia-Cosworth        1m29.560s  +2.877s  20
21. Charles Pic             Caterham-Renault         1m30.026s  +3.343s  23
22. Max Chilton             Marussia-Cosworth        1m30.471s  +3.788s  17

On Twitter:

“OK, Kimi, we want to push the tyres” until they’re gone. Kimi, “Yeah, but I want to make 1 lap on the other tyre” Re:”Yeah, understood”
Raikkonen says the troublesome left front tyre is “completely done” on his car. #F1
Raikkonen spoils his lap as he goes wide in turn ten and has to fight to get the car back under control. #F1
Kimi Raikkonen loses the back of the Lotus at turn three and spins
Kimi Raikkonen has been fined €400 for pitlane speeding. Don’t think he will be too worried

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