Friday in Korea: “Maybe I ran out of talent there”

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After an uncharacteristic excursion into the barriers left his crew busy repairing the car over lunch, our Finn went on to post some impressive long run lap times around the Yeongam circuit; boding well for the weekend ahead

Q: How was your day?
KR: Obviously it didn’t help that I destroyed part of the car this morning; maybe I ran out of talent there! It didn’t cause too much damage and the car was fine for the second practice, even if the guys had quite a hurry to fix it. They did a good job and we managed to complete everything we wanted today.

Q: How does the E21 feel here?
KR: The car feels quite strong – especially on the long runs – so that’s good news for the race. On the short runs it wasn’t exactly as I wanted, but we still have some time to make improvements there.

Q: Can you remember the last time you had a crash in a practice session?
KR: It was a pretty long time ago… maybe 2007?

Q: How’s the back?
KR: It’s pretty okay, no dramas there.

2 thoughts on “Friday in Korea: “Maybe I ran out of talent there”

  1. Talent? I don’t think it comes down to that. Perhaps lack of interest with Lotus?


  2. I´ m sure the talent doesn´t run out or lack of interest with Lotus. It was just like he said: it happens sometimes…..


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