Saturday in Singapore: “I’ll be on the grid tomorrow”

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It’s been a tough few weeks on track for our Iceman, with a niggle in his back becoming the latest piece of back luck to befall the Finn. In typical fashion however, he’s ready to fight on when the green lights go out in Singapore…

Q: A difficult day all round for you… talk us through it

KR: Unfortunately today didn’t go to plan as an issue with my back meant I couldn’t really drive properly this morning, so we didn’t get everything done like we wanted in the practice session. It’s still quite painful and there wasn’t much more I could do in qualifying when you take that combination of things into account.

Q: Will you recover in time for the race?

KR: I had some physio treatment between the sessions today which helped, so hopefully it’ll improve some more in the time between now and the race. It’s painful, but this is not the first time I’ve driven with a back problem and it probably won’t be the last time either. I’ll be on the grid tomorrow and we’ll try to get the maximum from where we are at the start.

Q: This is a tough race, even without carrying an injury; how will you hold up and what can you do from P13 on the grid?

KR: The time is quite long but it’s still about 300km like any other race, so no different really. I’ll tell you how it was after the race. The car looks ok and we made some changes between practice and qualifying which felt a bit better, so let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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